IGoogle Replacements?

I've started to get the reminders that in thirty days iGoogle is going away. Anyone have a recommendation for a worthy replacement? I've tried several, but they tend to be more so on the clunky side than elegant.

I can almost see the reasoning behind closing Reader. I do not agree with it, but I can see the reasoning. I have not figured out the Google point of view for this one. Anything I end up going to will eliminate the direct Google control over me seeing what they want me to see at the start of my browsing session. I read that Chrome is supposed to have enough add ons to make up for the loss of iGoogle, but I've not figured out how to replicate my experience yet, or even come close. And the hope that G+ would gain functionality to become a worthy replacement never came to pass. So, I am once again on the search for the replacement of a google service that will soon cease to exist.

Good question. I've also checked out a whole lot of alternatives, but haven't been able to find anything that quite fits the bill. Most alternatives are full of fancy flashy stuff which just slows me down.

So someone other than my wife does in fact use iGoogle still?

I told her I was pretty sure she was the last one.

I was a big user of iGoogle and moved to Feedly - it isn't perfect, but I've grown to like it. If they had configurable weather and stocks that were ALWAYS displayed, then I'd be completely satisfied.

I'm told they're expecting everyone to move over to Google Now, but it only works on my tablet for me.


I did find this, but when someone is recommending a Yahoo! site as a replacement you know something is wrong...

Are you using iGoogle basically as a portal? If so, http://My.Yahoo.com is a viable alternative.

The problem with all these non-Google alternatives is you have to give them your account and password if you want them to show your email inbox.

I loved being able to pull up a new browser window and see if I have emails, Facebook posts, my Google calendar and Drive documents all at one place. All the other stuff - news feeds, weather, stocks - I'm happy to have anybody show for me. But I'm only giving account info to the Goog.

I just saw this article and thought I would post the link here.