[trailer] Big Ass Spider

How long before comedies about wildly huge animals gets old?


muttonchop wrote:

sweet ass-comic

Came here to post that. Also to question why the hell I would click on another spider thread. Probably morbid curiosity about how quickly this will turn into a race to see who can post the freakiest spider pic first.

They're really reaching for movie titles today aren't they?

A big ass-spider sounds just as scary.

What the hell, I'm in (when I can watch it streamed. Shouldn't take long).
I like how all the different sizes of spiders are pretty much equally horrifying to me.

This looks an awful lot like Eight Legged Freaks.

Grenn wrote:

A big ass-spider sounds just as scary.

It's been done (linked for sanity)

Wait, this isn't a "Sy-Fy" movie? It's a "real" movie with a theatrical release? *boggle*

Yes it is a real movie. And right now it is at 100% on rottentomatoes! Of course there are only 3 reviews so far but it is still 100% "Fresh"

Wow. This looks absolutely terrible. And I like Greg Grunberg.

forgot this had a thread,
Anybody manage to actually catch this movie in a theater?