So Long, My Wii — Now Playing: ?


gamerparent wrote:
JohnKillo wrote:

So my barely played wii is having disc read errors on a brand new game. f*ck you wii.

Any Canadians have thoughts on the mini?

I have thoughts. It's $99 for a Wii game player. It doesn't have any internet connectivity at all, so basically it will play the games, but nothing that's online will work or be available. It's a nice red colour, so if you want a red wii-mote...

Or you could channel that $99 into a Wii U and play your old Wii games plus everything that's new.

I might do that but new consoles looks really shiny though I will hold off on spending money. I went and did the shady thing and installed a hard drive to play my games. Maybe I will finish the third tower in Pandora's tower.