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And, of course, that GWJ Let's Play puts me right back in the mood for shooting animals in the face.

And it's on Steam!

I don't suppose you have a link to it? I am unable to find it searching.

I've found this, which says it's been Greenlit, but so far as I know it's not actually on Steam yet.

And that would explain why searching Steam turns up nothing. Thanks

The GWJ Lets play really caught my eye along with seeing this thread recently boosted.

I've just been getting into hunting a little bit the last couple seasons for deer in Texas, but i havn't gotten one myself yet. Having to travel to and hunt on relatives land makes it difficult when you have a busy job.

I caught this thread when it posted and finally got around to trying this out today. I think i'd tried it for like 20 minutes back when it launched but barely even remember and it kinda sucked at the time, lots of bugs.

Didn't encounter any issues today. Played great.

Anyhow i installed today and did my first hunt. It went very well. I think i got pretty lucky for my first hunt. I tracked a mule deer to a field with a stand by it so i climbed the stand and spotted it about 300 feet off walking perpendicular, not a good shot for first shot with a .243 rifle for an apparent noob shooter that can't hold a rifle very steady.

I used my deer call once and it turned towards me and walked about 60 feet closer before standing there facing me, finally it lifted it's head up and gave me a perfect shot, so i fired, going for the heart. Missed the heart but nailed the lungs and body quite nicely. Deer only made it about 100 feet before it was finished.

Oh, and it was a nice buck:)



I think i may get into this some.

I fired this up again recently too. Still plays great, only major downside is that it locks my system up through vid card overheating (I think). It's really odd. I've been able to play plenty of other games for extended periods without having that happen. I may try and turn down the graphics settings and see if that makes a difference.

I'm enjoying it so i signed up for a member pack which seemed like the best deal.

I'm having a lot of fun and entered in a few weekend competitions for this weekend, makes it really enjoyable. Game is just so different from all other pc games cause it's all about patience and taking your time.

If anyone wants to setup any multiplayer hunts or have me set one up lemme know via steam.

Arise, thread!

After trying out the game two years ago I left it because shooting deer made me feel queasy. Only recently I found out that it has been ported to Steam and even remembered my account (not that I done too much with it). I do some deer hunting now but mostly it has become my tourism simulator. I go out early, enjoy the sunrise, track and spot some animals and mostly just enjoy the scenery. It's great that for this purpose it's free and still gives you some motivation - you can improve your spotting and tracking skills even on those animals you don't have a license for and all of the areas are open for you (my current favorite is the Alpine-like Val-des-Bois).

I am thinking of buying a membership anyway, specifically to go bow hunting.

This weekend you can hunt elks and mallard ducks for free.

So, anyone still playing? I got a one-year membership during Steam sale and am spending inordinate amount with the game. Today, when I walked to work, I almost instinctively went to crouch, because there were ducks along the lake I pass on the way to work. Hunter reflexes.

I didn't think to look at the licenses during the sale. I've been talking with people recently about revisiting this though.

Doh I didn't think about steam sales! I just renewed my account several weeks ago. I will probably play a little when I get back from my trip. I also bought one of the hunting dogs. I want to see how that changes the game.

I didn't know they participated in the Steam sales either! I'll keep my eyes on it during the next sale and might pick up some licenses. I go back for free hunts every once in a while, but haven't pulled the trigger on license purchases.

Fogrob and I reupped and have been playing around a bit. We should see if we don't want to organize another GWJ hunter party sometime.

Sadly, you don't see the sale on the DLCs if you don't specifically look for it. Try putting one of the DLCs on your wishlist, I learned about it that way. The sales haven't been that steep anyway: 10 percent off monthly sub and 25 off yearly one (which is why I jumped for that, I figured the extra stuff is worth the price and I really wanted a bow anyway).

I spent two hours tracking black bear yesterday, fruitlessly. It's strange how the game feels both relaxing and tense. Also, I tracked (and shot) a sleeping Roosevelt elk and still feel a bit ashamed about it.

I am in for hunting party (haven't played multiplayer so far, as I still feel like a complete newbie), but I'm timezone-challenged. Still, I could do a night hunt sometime during a weekend.

Dear hunting friends, there is a new simulator you might be interested in: Fishing Planet. It's currently in early access, but it's free to play and looks like it has quite a potential.

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Dear hunting friends, there is a new simulator you might be interested in: Fishing Planet. It's currently in early access, but it's free to play and looks like it has quite a potential.

I keep wanting a good fishing game. I'm in the Dovetail Games Fishing early access. Unfortunately, it's rather meh mostly because I don't want to fish for ugly carp (I don't get why that's the main fish). I'm not sure if they'll ever move away from that, so maybe Fishing Planet is the game for me. Looks like they have a trout pack, although I wouldn't throw that much money at it unless the game was finished and/or good.

Edit: Oooohhh, it looks like you can unlock the trout stuff by just playing. I didn't realize it was that free to play. This might be perfect for me. Will try it out tonight!!!

Everyone says that you can actually make money in-game to unlock stuff, so it might be (with patience) even Free to Win.

Watching this video in the background right now. Even with the problems, this should be really fun.

I have about 12 hours into Fishing Planet. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I really like it. It's a free to play, so you have some grindy elements. You have to be careful with money (traveling is wicked expensive). Leveling up (which unlocks new equipment and new areas) requires a whole lot of fish. In 12 hrs, I'm level 6. I've unlocked New York, which is the 2nd area. I can't afford to fish there yet though.

Visuals are really well done. Ambient sounds are really well done. One thing missing is the sound of the reel when you are fighting a fish.

The game captures the feeling of fishing pretty well. Certainly better than any other fishing game I've played. Fishing knowledge is helpful, but even if you do not know much about fishing, you are in a chat room with 19 other people who are quite willing to share information.

At this point, it's early access, so there are some placeholders for future content. You are limited to a small area of land on the shore, though the dev has indicated that free roam will be coming, as well as travel by kayak and other boats.

It's worth a download and a look, for sure, especially if you are into fishing.

The opening location:

2nd area:


I should add: even though you are fishing in the same place with 19 other people, you never see anyone else. You are alone in your little world, except for shared chat. I actually think it's better this way.

I made a thread for Fishing Planet. Yeah, I played 3 hours or so last night and got to level 4 or close to.

The new Arctic reserve is up. It's lovely and I am enjoying it very much, but then again I am reading all about polar exploration right now, so YMMV.

The (free) arctic clothing bundle is somehow bugged right now, so you cannot buy the bundle as a whole, but individual items can be "bought" (for 0 ems). I even downed a moose using a bow.

The new Whiterime Ridge is great. It's the largest map yet and the ability to see far away (and below) is just phenomenal, with lots of ridges to help see over large expanse of land. The tracking is a bit more difficult (the red domes can be hard to see), but there is an abundance of animals. Yesterday I played for one hour and shot a Sitka deer, 4 bison and 6 moose - five of them male (one of those even netted me 4th place in moose competition).

I'm on vacation and rediscovered this. Having a great time trying to work my way through the missions. I picked up a few gadgets and a bow as well. If anyone would like to join in on a hint this week, let me know. I bought the 90 day membership, so I can host.

Almost forgot...I'll also be streaming on twitch if you'd like to see what the game is like.

In case you are not following theHunter news, they have just launched a weekend sale. One year membership is 25 % off, so some 26 USD. Of course the whole pack with the weapons is more expensive (37.50 USD), but these rarely go on sale, so grab them if you are interested. You have to enter a discount code on their store page (the DLCs themselves on Steam are not on sale).

Also: the codes have to be all caps, lowercase don't work.

Both Steam DLCs and membership in-game is currently on sale. One year membership (and DLC) has the biggest discount, 30 pct off.

Noticed that earlier today. I re-subbed last week and have been playing/streaming quite a bit lately.

The new reserve Timbergold Trails is damn pretty. It feels like an ad for autumn - yellow leaves, golden sun, shiny lakes in the distance. And you have a wonderful lookout right outside one of the starting huts. There's a nice new feature: old railway tunnels that can be used for fast travelling around the map. Nifty.

Yesterday I basically used it as a hiking simulator, just walking around in the autumn nature for half an hour. I would continue for longer, but grizzly I did not see coming got me...

Looking forward to that this weekend. Plan on bow hunting for grizzly. I'll try to get the one that killed ya.

Arise! Call of the Wild is out! It's been, IDK 6 years (?) since I played this game and I miss relaxing with it. I think it's time to start again.

Yeah, I haven't played in forever but may have to dip my toes back in.