PS3 or something else

So the other night my launch 60 gig PS3 up and shuts down on me in the middle of watching a DVD with my daughter. Any attempt to run it leads it to shut down again after a few minutes and sitting there flashing it's red light at me.

Now, I don't actually play games on it. It's mostly used as a blue ray drive and a netflix box. I do have an HTPC sitting there right next to it but the HTPC is a lot less convenient then the PS3 was. Mostly because you could use a remote on the PS3.

So I ask you kind folk, what should I do?

Buy a new (or maybe a used) PS3 for 250 dollars?

Upgrade the HTPC to have a blue ray player? (Can you play blue rays on Windows7 without buying additional software?)

Or something else?

Wait for an Xbox One or PS4... If you don't play games on it then I think it's worth waiting a couple of months until the next gen comes out which will have greater capabilities than the PS3 has.

I'd say pick-up an IR remote receiver for the HTPC and try to go blu-ray-less until next-gen drops.

I'm also assuming IR remote receivers are still viable -- I don't have an HTPC, but I did the research many moons ago when I was considering putting one together.

Didn't the PS3 get a price drop to $200? If you have a library of PS3 games you might want to revisit, I'd go that route.

Might be able to pick up a refurbished or used one for about $150. Should last you long enough I imagine, especially if you're only using it for films.

BTW flashing red light means a gpu problem. You might be able to get that fixed, if you can find someone to bake it for you.

Norfair wrote:

(Can you play blue rays on Windows7 without buying additional software?)

No, and the software is expensive. There's one that's $50 but it has some issues. If you want reliable you'll be out about $80 just for the software, barring you catching a sale.