Recover Deleted Photos help

So I copied over a bunch of pictures from my Vita to my PC and, like an idiot I ended up deleting the originals off the Vita and the copies on the PC. The recycle bin was emptied and I did not have system protection running, so no previous versions I can use to recover.

Any ideas or does data recovery only work in spy movies?

I have tried a few different applications, but I have a feeling they all rely on the built-in system protection/shadow copies. Are most nothing but GUIs?

Data recovery can work in real life, I've done it for flash drives at least (I'll see if I can track down the tool I used).

In the meantime IIRC (it's been a while) you probably want to minimize the number of changes to the vita or pc folder that had them.

Too late. I already tried to run several recovery tools (Recuva, UndeleteFree, Piriform's tool, Remo, etc.) on the PC hard drive and I tried rebuilding the database on the PS Vita from the recovery menu.

I am trying Easeus' tool right now on the hard drive. Their partition software always worked well for me, so giving it a try.

The hard drive tools all fail. I recovered three files but they were corrupted.

Any hacks to recover photos on a 32 GB Vita Memory Card?

speaking as a recent college graduate in IT, we've been using PhotoRec to catch what standard recovery apps won't find. PhotoRec finds damn near EVERYTHING on a drive/partition. It's available as part of the Ultimate Boot CD toolkit in the Partedmagic application.

I tried PhotoRec and it did not work.

Is there any way to mount the PS Vita card as a PC drive so I can use these programs on it directly?

Is that a Sony memorystick or whatever? You should just need an adapter to mount it in windows. The bigger question is filesystem, odds are it is FAT but never underestimate Sony's need to be different in a market dominated by a standard.

Also I use Filescavenger and it works well but the key to file recovery is not making changes to the disk the files are on. So on the PC if you didn't turn it off and boot into an environment off cd or USB to recover the files, they were as good as gone within a few hours since just using the OS will cause files to get written and purged from disk. Think temp internet files, or any file you open then close, the OS has to put those things somewhere when open - in a new temp file until you save changes and if you save changes you may save over some parts or entire files wanting to be recovered. All the tools that have been mentioned work the same, it is the not using the disk the files are on that is the secret to success in file recovery.

Provided you haven't done anything to the memorystick you should be OK there, as mounting it shouldn't cause any overwriting.

Has much time passed? Generally speaking these tools are effective if run as close to immediately after deletion as possible.

None of the tools worked and I started using them right away. I can recover quite a few old pictures, but no Vita photos.

I have given up on the hard drive.

I can look into adapters, but Sony's Vita cards are propriety and most certianly encrypted. They got burned on the PSP, so they decided to use in-house tech.

I have lost hope. But considering I have never used system protection all these years and I have only lost one set of photos is pretty good.

The biggest mistake was emptying the recycle bin. At work I have to "shred" documents off of my computer, so I have just got into the habit of deleting files immediately. Bad practice with family photos.

Stiill...If anyone has a Vita hack that would allow me to recover lost data, PM me the link. I wouldn't want to support hacking publically in the forums. Even if it is for a good cause.