Black Desert

Generally, me too. But wow, they've managed to pack a lot into this game. It's the Black Desert experience. I'm thoroughly impressed.

I know this sounds lame and you will probably roll your eyes, but is there an auto-play function? Like, I want to kind of watch a movie while I'm at work. So I want to hit a button, run somewhere for a quest, fight, and then carry on.

I love dad-builds and having to hit the minimal amount of keys to progress in something


You must like Lineage then.

Do some trading or crafting? You can set you character to run to the other side of the world and trade goods when you get there.

I loaded it and not sure it's for me. There's an enormous amount of things I don't understand. I killed the first boss (red nose I think) and realized I don't know that I have the time to put into it. The graphics were pretty good though!

It's got a ton of moving pieces from having been born from a full fledged MMO and the fact its been out in Asia for a while now. (Something the recent EVE mobile game release also struggles with.)

I find it's best not to stress about the things you don't know or don't know if you're doing right. It's a sandbox-like MMO where you can do what you want. Go around killing stuff sometimes, you'll earn sh*t and maybe one day you'll find a way to use it. Or wander around gathering materials and one day you'll take time to figure out crafting. And so on. I'm not stressing over anything, just doing whatever pleases me at the moment. The main reason is it's a F2P Korean mobile MMO, so I'm trying to avoid caring too much about what I'm doing since that's when the pocketbook comes out and f- that.

You may find Lineage 2 more palatable. It's a bit more of a standard MMO while BD has some strange wrinkles. Both games have autoquesting, autocombat, autogathering, etc.

I bought this for PS4 since it’s half off during the Golden Week sale.

I generally don’t care much about FPS and performance so I ignored word on the internet that the performance was horrid, particularly on a base PS4. I loved Control despite well documented issues, right?

Don’t be like me. It is damn near unplayable. Here’s hoping they improve it and I can get a real taste on PS5.

So they have recently started Season characters like Diablo3.

It's a lot of fun and with the server xp boost, plus all the goodies they give you along the way. It's very easy to level. At the end of the season your character is gone, but if you hit all the milestones you're able to copy over some of the gear you get that's worth billions of silver.

This is me playing the new class Hashashin and i'm farther along than i had with my main characters.

Link for free trial and if you hit level 50 you get the game for free.


If you intend to continue playing you need to transfer your account from Kakao to Pearl Abyss before FEB 24th

Another reminder for anyone that has played before and wants to play with your stuff again down the road that the final days allowed to transfer your account before it's permanently deleted is approaching fast (5/31)