Black Desert

Another Korean release which is about to start CBT after a 3 month push. It's similar to ArcheAge in that it's a sandbox. They were shopping around for a Western publisher at Gamescom this year so I'm hoping this one makes it to NA eventually as well.

Apollonius: On the aspect of Guilds, we read that Guilds will be able to follow one of three paths: Combat, Politics and Religion. I’ve encountered the first two in other games before, but religion? What can we imagine on that?

Brian Oh: We’ve been thinking on how to have religion affect the game. Once concept is, that if a Guild gathers enough players to follow their religion, the Guild Leader will be maybe able to affect the weather or open portals for a limited amount of time for players to use them for a fee.

Apollonius: This sounds really interesting. In regard to the weather, word was that it will be dynamic and may affect gameplay.

Brian Oh: Yes, we’re finalizing it. Depending on if it’s raining or not, certain animations might be faster or slower and certain spells might be stronger or weaker.For example if it’s raining, a swing with the sword by the fighter might take longer to execute and a fireball by the sorcerer might not be as effective.

What's that man doing to that sheep?

Bear wrote:

What's that man doing to that sheep?

Looks like faith healing to me. You know, pulling the diseased parts out of the body through the intact flesh? look nice.

In my experience F2P titles that orginiate from Korea tend to be spendy.

Very interesting article...

I'm not 100% on the group tactic combat they're trying out. For a tight knit group or guild members maybe, but I cant see how public groups will manage that well.

You can't find a distinct tank, dps or support role in Black Desert so that in a boss battle, the formation becomes very important. The damage, defense and other stats of the team as a whole will differ a lot according to the formation. For example, if players stand in a circle, the defense of the whole team will be higher than in any other formations. If so, this formation is the best one to adopt to defend the boss attack. If players stand in a straight line, the first player in the line will cast the highest damage. The collaboration gameplay only works on super bosses for teams in the field, but not on general bosses in the field.

I just remember how tough it was to get players in Lotro to pull off Fellowship Maneuvers or people in every other MMO to not stand in the red spots. I can't imagine trying to get a bunch of people to pull off actual formations during combat.

Just heard about this and saw the character creator video.

Really digging the graphics! Also this Occulus Rift support.