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*shrug* I don't think it's a huge knock against the games or anything, but I also don't think it's unreasonable for people to wonder whether their progress might not carry over in some form.

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Will it be the rest of the story or are they making a part 3?

No way in heck this covers "the rest of the story". From what we're seeing, I'd wager this will lead up to the end of original's Disc 1 (if even, still no footage of Cid).

EDIT: Okay probably further actually since we see a Weapon & the firing of the Junon Cannon.

There was a developer interview on the Playstation blog that says Rebirth will include locations up to "The Forgotten Capital".

Playing part one again since I started thinking about it and I forgotten how frequently it makes you stop and walk slowly. Time and time again you’re walking along until you have to walk slowly for no particular reason. I assume it’s doing some sort of loading in the background, but it is really noticeable and quite frustrating. It breaks the immersion like crazy.
Currently, I just want to walk with Arieth to the school, but I have to slowly walk past the whole town rather than be able to run.

Try viewing it as an opportunity to increase your sense of immersion. Would you sprint through a town at full speed the first time you entered? You’d likely take in the sights while taking your time. They’re trying to get you to really absorb the plight of life under the plates.