Fabulous Final Fantasy Franchise Discussion Catch-all

Mystic Quest -> 6 -> 4 -> 7 -> 9 -> 10 -> Tactics.

I got a disc or two into 8 when it first came out, but I was NOT feeling it. Tried it again a couple times over the years just to make sure I wasn't judging it too harshly, most recently during pandemic attempting to play along with the NOCKAT podcast. If anything was going to make me power through that game, that should have been it, and while I got a little further, I just plain couldn't stick with it. What a miserable slog.

Got most of the way through 5 a while back, not sure why I bounced off, I was enjoying it.

Got maybe 5-6 hours into 12 when it was new. Nothing about the world or the characters grabbed me, and I found the gameplay systems convoluted and unfun. Kept hoping it was just a slow start and it would finally grab me, and it kept not happening. Tried again a couple years back with the remaster, same opinion.

Similar experience with 13 and 7R, except that I never bothered to revisit them. Never touched 1-3, X-2, 16, or the MMOs.

Of the ones I've beaten, the only ones I've only beaten once are 10 and Tactics. Got pretty deep into Tactics a couple times over the years, but didn't finally power through to the end until just last year. Glad I did, that game is flawed in a lot of ways but it's brilliant in others.

10 I played through when it was new. I've revisited it a couple times since but never gotten very far. I find the very beginning Zanarkand sequence gripping, but as soon as Tidus arrives in Spira the pacing slows way down as the game dumps party members and world-building on you and that's where I bounce off, although I remember enjoying my first playthrough quite a bit past that part.

I remember thinking that the story of 10 falls apart in the third act, but I've been listening through back episodes of the Resonant Arc podcast covering it book club style, and it's got me thinking that maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention. It's got me wanting to make another attempt at a replay, but I can't in good conscience start another JRPG until I finish Cosmic Star Heroine (for the JRPG Club) and Live a Live (on my Twitch stream).

merphle wrote:

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest doesn't get enough love. I know it's very different from most (all?) of the traditional FF games, but it still holds a dear place in my heart.

Ditto, as I was exactly the American JRPG noob kid they were aiming for with that game, and it was exactly the gateway drug it was designed to be. The story and gameplay aren't exactly bad, just extremely basic. The monster designs are awesome, though, and the soundtrack is an absolute banger.

This is a fun game! I wonder if I'd be better at ordering these, or ordering the Dragon Quests.

4, Mystic Quest, 6, 7 (unfinished), 5 (unfinished), 10, 7, 12, 3, 1, 5, 13 (unfinished), 7R, 9 (unfinished), 16

I've never touched 2, 8, 11, 14, or 15

Final Fantasy 4: Bought an SNES after 4th grade (so, in 1992, at 10 years old), with allowance money I had been saving for literally the entire year. My parents bought me FF4 for Christmas, which felt like the best gift ever!

Mystic Quest: I'm not sure I would have played and beaten this before FF6, but it was released in the West about a year and a half before FF6 was, and I also rented a lot of games from Blockbuster back in the day, so odds are good that I did. Possible I've got the order flipped, though.

Final Fantasy 6: I know I played this around the time of release because I have pretty vivid memories of playing this with a good friend from school, whose family moved out of state. Given the timing of the new job and the sale of his family's house, there was a block of time where he and his parents were living in an extended stay motel. So, another friend and I would go over to visit, and the three of us would play FF6 in the motel room. My friend beat Kefka, and I was there to watch it. I'm not 100% sure when I personally beat FF6--I know I didn't the first time around, because I recall stalled out before Kefka's tower when I tried to grind for magic in that Cactuar desert. But I got this game years before I finished any other FF, so odds are good I finished it before 7 or 10.

Final Fantasy 7: Never owned a Playstation, but I got this on disk for my PC. Here, I definitely fell victim to a bad habit of playing an RPG almost to the end and not finishing it. I got very far into the game my first time playing it (in the spring of my freshman year of college, around 2001, I think?) but didn't actually finish it until the summer between my second and third years of law school (2006).

Final Fantasy 5: Pretty sure I played this in college on an emulator, but wouldn't actually finish it until I was done with school. While I'm not sure it actually goes after 1, I am sure it's a fairly recent purchase.

Final Fantasy 10: This one, I'm actually sure of. It was either junior or senior year of college, so 2002-2003 or 2003-2004. I borrowed this from a friend who also introduced me to Kingdom Hearts.

Final Fantasy 12: Sure of this one, too: played in during my third year of law school (2006-2007).

Final Fantasy 3: Here, it gets fuzzy again. My work years and gaming sort of blend together, but I was a full-on road warrior back between 2007 and 2014. I know I played this on DS during that time, and I also know I bought a 3DS in 2012, either during or right around an extended trip to Salt Lake City. So I definitely played FF3 sometime that purchase.

Final Fantasy 1: I played this on my phone during my morning / evening metro commute, sometime in the 2014-2019 time frame, so definitely after my road warrior phase. And it was before I started tracking my backlog in earnest, so probably in or before the summer of 2017.

Final Fantasy 13: This one I can actually track, thanks to Backloggery! I tried it in March, 2018. I got to the big open world area but never finished. Just didn't find this one as fun as the others.

EDIT: How could I forget 7 Remake!

Love the FF memories guys. I need to do one as well. I was an 11 year old immigrant from the Philippines new to the USA before JRPGS really got me. Before that, we only had a Sega Genesis in the Philippines.

Hmm. I dunno if I can get the order right? I’ll try.

6 > 4 > 7 > 8 > 9 > 10 > 11 (main game plus one expansion) > 5 > 14 (through Endwalker) > 1 > 12 > 2 > 13 > 3 > 15

Working on 16 now.

So you might be able to tell from the order but everything up through 14 I played “naturally.” I realized at some point that because the series is really special to me I should try to finish all the main games, as I only had 6 to go. So 1, 12, 2, 13, 3, and 15 were all in the last few years.

The only part I’m not 100% sure on is when I beat 5, and whether I finished 4 or 6 first. Pretty sure it’s 6, but this was almost 30 years ago now.

Ooo, this one is exciting. I am probably messing the order up somewhere, but such are the vagaries of memory. Anything marked with an asterisk was not completed at time of first play.

4 > MQ > 6* > 7* > 8 *> 9* > 10 > 10-2 > 1 > 2* > 12* > 11 > 3* > 13* > 14 > 5 > 7R

I first played FF1 on the NES, but probably less than an hour. I was too young to really get anywhere in it, probably not even through the first dungeon. I know I played it because I can vividly recall the cartridge, but I am slightly too young to have played the NES. I came back to this one with the Dawn of Souls release on GBA and beat it then.

I did not encounter FF2 until the Dawn of Souls release where I am unsure if I beat it or not. I got quite far, but I did not know about any of the leveling mechanics and such, so I may have hit a brick wall and stopped as I don't recall the ending at all.

Played FF3 for the first time on the DS release, made it to like the second or third town and quit. Not sure if I got bored or got distracted by other things, but in general, I rarely played the DS.

FF4 I played the original release on the SNES when it was called FF2. I definitely remember beating this one at the time.

I know I played Mystic Quest way back when. I am not sure where exactly it fell in the SNES era, so I threw them into release order since that is the most likely case.

I bought the FF Anthology release for PS1 that contained FF5 and FF6, but I do not recall playing FF5 at that time, so it's possible it sat unplayed in the jewel case. I definitely remember playing and beating it on PS Vita after college though, so that is where it ends up in my list.

I played FF6 on the original SNES release when it was FF3. I got all the way to Kefka's Tower several times but was never able to beat the final boss. That fight just never clicked for me. I did finally beat the game when the JRPG club played it last year.

I played FF7 at release on PS1, playing so long that the game timer stopped tracking how long I had on my save. I never completed the game though because I was determined to get Omnislash before going to the final dungeon, but could never get enough points before having to quit.

Also played FF8 at release but did not complete it at the time. I did eventually beat it during one of my summer breaks in college.

Played FF9 at release but having just replayed it for the JRPG club I do not remember anything from disc 4 and maybe not even disc 3, so I doubt I completed it at the time. It has now been completed though.

FF10 was another launch play and completion.

FF11 I did not play until college, so it comes quite a bit after its release. I only dabbled in it as the friends I was going to play with were already high level and didn't want to spend much time leveling me up so I kind of dropped off after 20 or so levels.

FF12 I bought at launch and was quite disappointed. I tried struggling through but eventually dropped off as nothing about the game kept my interest. Tried again with the JRPG club and the international release, but again the game just does not interest me.

FF13 was late college for me, I played for a bit and then looked up a guide that told me to grind a bunch of levels for Lightning and Hope at an early point. I did that for about 30 minutes then just never turned the game on again. I would like to give it another chance at some point.

FF14 I played an open beta for the 1.0 release but was not interested so did not try the release version. However I did play through the entire 2.0 story but dropped out before they started adding expansion. I want to play the expansions at some point though.

FF7R is the most recent one I have played as I have not gotten around to FF16 yet. Plan to get to 16 after I wrap up CSH and ToTK though.

Oh lordy, this seems like an endeavor given the last decade of vices have done no favors for my memory. What doesn't help it all is that I had a real strong Final Fantasy phase in high school after saving up for a CFW-modded PSP, which, between GBA/PS1 emulation & Dissidia, was a fine lil' Final Fantasy machine, so a lot of these were concentrated around the same couple of years. Ease of emulation also meant there was some dipping of toes in the water without the full commitment of "well, you paid $30 for this, you have to get your money's worth".

Still, I can give it my best shot. I'll adapt Malkroth's format of asterisks for unbeaten on first play & add in Exclamation Points! for when I went back to finish the fantasy.

Also, if we're counting 7R, I'm including all of the weird spin-offs that cemented my love for this franchise too.

7* > 10* > 3* > 4* > Tactics A2* > 7! > Dissidia > 1 > 2 > 7: Crisis Core > 6*> 5* > 8* > Theaterhythm > 15* > 14* > 7R > Tactics A2! > 9

While I've technically touched them, I've never pushed further than tutorials on 12 & 13, and I've never touched 10-2, 11, any of 13's sequels, or 16.

And to put it all in one place, the only ones I've beaten as shown above are 1, 2, 7, 7R, Crisis Core, 9, Tactics A2 & Dissidia (I forget if Theaterhythm can be "beaten" or not, but unlike its successor, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, there's no actionable plot tying it together).

The messy order can be deciphered by the eras of my youth and the systems I had access to.

It starts in middle school with my PS1, bequeathed to me in elementary school by a friend who had rich grandparents that bought them the PS2 for Chanukah 2000. I come into a copy of FF7 via my buddy Gus, and I spend many a school day waking up early at 4 AM so I could sneak to the living room TV, get in an hour or 2 before parents arise, and carry on from there. I can't recall how far I got in that original run, but it still left an impression.

By 8th grade, the PS2 arrives as a Bar Mitzvah gift (under the assumption that it would be a Dance Dance Revolution machine for my rotund self), and that summer, I walk into the EB Games in my mall and ask, "Hey, do you have any games like Final Fantasy for the PS2?"

Naturally, the clerk recommends I try Kingdom Hearts. I do, & am forever changed, b/c that's my actual favorite franchise. However, KH fans the FF flames in my heart, and so my next pre-owned pickup is FF10. I enjoyed 10 a lot! I would've beaten it if not for getting stuck up against Seymour Flux atop Mt. Gagazet with his Zombie-Full Life combo. I've re-bought FFX at least 2 different times since then (PS4 & Switch) in hopes of one day finally going back and finishing the deed.

Come high school, we acquire a Nintendo DS, which opens the doors to the DS 3D FF ports of FF3 & FF4, as well as Tactics A2. Decent mileage is gotten out of all 3, but none are beaten at this time. I think I hear some folks grump about the voice acting/3D-ness of the FF4 port now and then, but I enjoyed it as an impressionable teen.

TGS 2007 happens during my sophomore year of high school, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is announced for the PSP. I need to play this prequel, which motivates me to start picking up high school side hustles (making & selling baked goods, re-selling energy drinks purchased on clearance, etc.) to save up for that PSP.

It's 2008, and I've purchased a pre-owned PSP-2000 with CFW already installed, like a beautiful gift. With the power of the PS1 & GBA in the palm of my hand, I play FF7 from start to finish wielding Knights of the Round by the end. By the end of 2008, Dissidia comes out, fusing the aerial action combat that I loved from KH with 2 decades of adapted lore from the FF franchise. I main Zidane, and I grow more curious about the fragments of the other fantasies Dissidia weaves into its character plots.

The next batch happen somewhere over the course of "the rest of high school". I beat FF1 & 2 via emulating the GBA Dawn of Souls release. I sample a bit of FF8 when a friend tells me its her favorite (plus 'Leon' is in it!) but I don't get too far. I try my hand at the GBA ports of FF5 & 6, though 6 is the only one I stick with - I made it up to the Floating Continent before falling off.

Once I'm in college, FF takes a backseat to KH for a while, and because of KH: Dream Drop Distance, I had to acquire a 3DS via CraigsList. With the 3DS in hand, I eventually end up nabbing Theaterhythm, which went hand-in-hand with the Distant Worlds concert albums in inscribing songs from games I hadn't truly played on my heart regardless, which is how I end up bawling along with Melodies of Life after beating FF9 for the first time 2 days ago.

By college's end, I'm picking up a PS4 knowing that KH3 is a'coming. To fill the time until then, I pick up FF15 not long after release, in hopes that it can fill the KH-shaped hole in my heart. It does not, and I fall off around Ch. 2 or 3. Yet, oddly enough, when KH3 ends up arriving, do you know what one of my top gripes was?

Not enough Final Fantasy.

Somewhere between 2016 & 2019 I end up picking up FF14 on sale and spend a good month or two levelling up my crafting classes well beyond my starting Marauder class, but never getting close to finishing MSQs for ARR. Nowadays I have a burner PSN account to utilize the FF14 free trial when that itch returns now & then.

Then there was the height of the pandemic & 7R. Had a pretty good time with 7R even though it wasn't a perfect fit for me, well worth it for how it plays with 7's lore. Tactics A2 was also a pandemic revisitation and subsequent finish, always a delight to quickly set down and pick up; After all, The Day is Full of Moments.

Last & least, I just wrapped up FF9 for JRPG Club the other day. Personally? Could've used more Vivi. But props for how hot they made Kuja look - if anything, Dissidia does FF9 a disservice in not retaining Kuja's hotness.

Anyways, I relinquish my time, thank you.

My memory may be a bit foggy on some details, but I'll try to be thorough with my recall.

Order in which I played and completed FF games and spinoffs:


FF I: The late 80's saw me jump into the JRPG bandwagon pretty hard. I enjoyed the change from needing very good reflexes and trial and error approaches to games on console, and having all the time in the world as a child, grinding wasn't something I viewed negatively at all. I was also beginning to dabble in D&D, so it became a good way to get some of that itch scratched when I didn't have a group to play with.

FF MQ: Mystic Quest was a gift from one of may aunts. She knew I like RPGs but was not very knowledgeable, so she say the Final Fantasy moniker in the title and decided it was a safe bet as a birthday gift. At the time, I had only played maybe a dozen or so JRPGs on the NES and SNES, so I didn't have a snobby tale on this game. In fact, I enjoyed it very much and found its JRPG-lite design to be a good time. The humor and story were enjoyable, as well.

FF III/VI: I got this game as a Xmas gift. I had missed out on II/IV at the time and wasn't in the loop regarding what we were and were not getting from Japan. The marketing campaign for this game was so effective on me that I had spent a good chunk of time pestering my parents about getting this game as my one and only Xmas gift even if they needed to pool resources with my aunts and uncles - remember, games were super expensive back in the late 80's and early 90's - and it was anxiously anticipated gift of my life at the time.

FF II/IV: I got this a few months after completing II/VI by earning money doing chores and the like. I really enjoyed it although I could see how much everything it did had been vastly improved upon in it's sequel. It didn't however, set my world on fire. I played the DS remake well over a decade later and that version really did a great glow-up.

FFVII: This is the FF title that I obsessed over like no other game in life ever and since. The moment I saw the first screenshots from Japan, I was hooked and this was the only thing I could think of for months until I could finally get my hands on it. I pre-ordered and did chores to earn money and make modest installments until release day. The first day I had it, I played for about 12 hours straight - I stayed home, playing hookie and skipping school - and it was one of the best days of my gaming life. I spent the following weeks exploring the game thoroughly until I milked everything I could from the first playthrough. Once completed, I immediately started a new game to see if I could mess around and do things differently in any of the scenarios in the game. VII would be my favorite FF for many years until XII would dethrone it.

FF Tactics: I got to play this as a loaner from a friend of mine who had played through so many times he likely could have made a strategy guide for it. It took me a couple of attempts to get through the very difficult early parts and finally beat it, secret dungeon and all.

FVIII: I was finally working and earning money by the time FFVIII released. My family was not doing well economically, so much of my paycheck would go toward keeping us housed and fed. For Xmas 1999 I was able to save enough from what I would keep for myself from my paltry minimum wage to get it as my gift for myself. Unlike many players at the time, I didn't have much trouble figuring out and exploiting the junction and skill systems, so I beat the game without much trouble. I had some gripes with the game's story and some of the characters, but ultimately enjoyed it and, over the years, I've come to appreciate it more as a whole.

FF V: This game finally got translated and ported to the PSOne and I did not hesitate to get a copy of it once I had saved some money. I loved getting to finally play the then-legendary game we had missed out on and its job system, which at the time I'd only seen in Tactics. Having the right context for it, I can say the game did not disappoint.

FFIX: I had a much better paying job at the time IX dropped, so I was able to get it on release day. I loved this game's callbacks to the classic FF games and I still hold it as one of the best games and one of my favorites in the series.

FF II: Got this along with FF I in the GBA remake 2-for-1 cart. As much maligned as this title was, warts and all, I enjoyed it and could appreciate what it tried to do at the time.

FF X: Boy, was this one a doozy. First FF with voice acting and on the then-new PS2. Loved it to bits at the time, but haven't played it again since my first and only completion. It's sitting here on my PS4 shelf with its direct sequel - which I think I may have played through to one of the endings, but I can't recall so I won't count it here - until I play it and see how it fares over 20 years later.

FF TA - Tactics Advanced was a thing. I disliked that it did away with much of the gravitas of the original Tactics game, but enjoyed the general systems it introduced. I remember grinding forever thinking I needed a specific mission or item to complete the game until I realized it wasn't the case and then steamrolled the final sections and battles. Never did complete its direct sequel, though. I should really fire that one up one of these days and see what's what.

FF XII: I anticipated this one for so long. It has a storied, troubled development that culminated in Yasumi Matsuno quitting Square Enix all together, but once it arrived, I went to town and found it to be my favorite of the whole series. Having played the remaster on PS4, it still stands as the king in the series for me.

FF III: Got this on the DS and really enjoyed it. It was pretty darn tough for a FF game, even in this remake with a kinder difficulty and less draconian design. Loved getting a look at the first of the series to use the job system as well. Yay Onion Knights!

FF XIII: It's funny how things change. This is the first non-MMO FF that I felt ambivalent about. I was really not hooked by the previews and only got it toward the tail-end of the Xbox360's life. Once done, it felt like two different games rolled into one; the first part - i.e. Final Hallway - was tedious and quite horrible, but having stuck with it, the part where the world opens up was a much better game, though it was a bit hard to shake off the bad taste from what came before.

WoFF: Pokemon but Final Fantasy? Sure, why not! I got this on the Vita and really enjoyed it. Out of all the sillier spin-offs of FF that I've played, it's the only one I've really liked and thus completed. I even half-heartedly attempted getting the Platinum for it before realizing the mini-game related trophies are kind of crap.

FF XV: Got this on release date. Really enjoyed it, flawed as it was. Sold it to a friend soon after completion. Never have played the DLC nor through it since it got patched to hell and back. I've heard it's a fairly different experience now. Might purchase the Royal edition someday when it goes on sale to give it a second go.

FFVIIR: Talk about the benchmark on how to do a Remake! Got this on release day, loved every second of it. Upon further analysis, I'm not crazy about the battle system in the higher difficulties. I can appreciate the intricacies of it, but find it does not gel with me. Haven't played the Yuffie addition since I don't have a console that can run it, and still feel pretty mad about it not releasing on PS4. PS5 is nowhere in my plans in the near future, but might consider the console in late 2024.

Games from the series that I own and/or plan to play through in the future:

FF Type 0
FF Origins Stranger of Paradise
FF The Four Heroes of Light
FF X-2
FF Lightning Returns
FF Tactics Advance 2
FF XVI (If and when I actually get a PS5)

Final Fantasy is an itch that only needs scratching every few years for me so haven't played that many but always want to play more!

3 Nintendo DS, played this with my son and was a good introduction for both of us to the series
7 PSP Finished and really enjoyed
8 PSP Didn't get far, didn't enjoy the time I spent on it
Tactics PSP Absolutely loved this game, put many hours into it but as I recall it only logged the first 99 hours, still mean to have another play through. Really enjoyed the strategy, the team building, the story, just the whole thing was so well put together. Bought for my phone a few months ago so no excuse not to get going.
13 PS3 Finished and also enjoyed the game
Crisis Core PSP (or Vita) Finished and also thought it was very good so went and bought a few more
4 PSP Hardly started
9 PSP Got some way through and was enjoying the game and the story but no idea where or why it got dropped
Dissidia PSP Never got far, was a different experience and I wasn't enjoying it
13-2 PC Started but again didn't get far, was way after the original 13 and I wasn't finidng it fun
15 PC Another start and stop, but do want to get back to this

No One Can Know About This is releasing again, this season is FF9. Last week was the pregame, this coming week is the start of the game.


It is my very favorite podcast in the world and I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

Patreon backers get episodes on Monday rather than Thursday, and a video version which has been fleshed out. They now have cameras on themselves, around the playing space, and on Jeff’s dog Hailey.

I was going to pimp it on Thursday when the first gameplay episode came out if you didn't get to it first. (-:

Sometimes, when a thing you like goes away for a long time, when it comes back you're not sure if you'll still like it as much. Maybe it's changed. Maybe you've changed. Maybe the world around both of you has changed. Maybe that old magic is gone, replaced with something else, something that's not "bad" in an objective sense, if there is such a thing, but still. Not the thing you fell in love with.

NOCKAT remains as NOCKAT as it ever was, and I remain as here for it as I ever was. Especially with FF9 fresh in my memory from playing it with the JRPG Club this past spring.

Great recommendation. I'm currently listening to NOCKAT episode 1 and loving it.

strangederby wrote:

Great recommendation. I'm currently listening to NOCKAT episode 1 and loving it.

Seconded, the format of self-riffing their own Let's Play has been a delight thus far, and this lands in my queue right as I was running out of pods on backlog to blast through. Add in the delicious flavor of my FF bias and I'm having a wonderful time~

I’ve been relistening as a warm up for season 7. I did them in order but skipped season 4 (FF7) as it was too long. I’ll do that and season 6 in between releases this season.

I really am like hopelessly addicted to the show. When it is coming out it’s the only podcast I feel like listening to.

strangederby wrote:

Great recommendation. I'm currently listening to NOCKAT episode 1 and loving it.

Yeah, it's way better than I expected from the concept.

It's the editing, I think. The editing is incredible. I can only imagine how much work it must take.

hbi2k wrote:

It's the editing, I think. The editing is incredible. I can only imagine how much work it must take.

They definitely broach that topic during S1 (which I just finished yesterday, good listen~) when they're wrapping up, lamenting their exhaustion from, 6 months after the slog of actually playing FF1, having to go back and re-watch every second of them living through that slog in order to comment on it all. That alone is already a hell of a task before you consider the brunt work of chopping, screwing & arranging that needs to happen during the editing process.

Then I look at the release dates on all of their episodes and I'm baffled by the turnover times on seasons. I'm surprised that they went as long as they did before the post-FF8 hiatus. I also listen to The Worst Idea of All Time (2 NZ comics watch a bad movie once a week every week for a year w/ some changes for sanity in later seasons) so maybe I'm just used to podcasters taking extended breaks from their shows after subjecting themselves to an exhausting season.

This is excellent stuff, excited to get caught up during this FF9 season w/ the memories of that game still fresh.

Happy FFVII Evercrisis Day everyone!

…I’ll be trying it out I guess. I have no idea what it’s really about, but the screenshots look cool.

Blind_Evil wrote:

Happy FFVII Evercrisis Day everyone!

…I’ll be trying it out I guess. I have no idea what it’s really about, but the screenshots look cool.

Same here! Will likely try it out during lunch.

I was enjoying it but then I got into the mobile tap for loot thing instead of gameplay and I just nopped out. I hate that stuff.

I will say it looks incredible so others may love it.

As someone who never played the original, I’m liking the mobile version. Have no idea if I will keep at it but I like the retro graphics for overland travel and modern ones for combat.

Looking pretty great

Will it be the rest of the story or are they making a part 3?

They announced an unnamed part 3 quite a while ago.

farley3k wrote:

Will it be the rest of the story or are they making a part 3?

No way in heck this covers "the rest of the story". From what we're seeing, I'd wager this will lead up to the end of original's Disc 1 (if even, still no footage of Cid).

EDIT: Okay probably further actually since we see a Weapon & the firing of the Junon Cannon.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Won’t Let Players Import Saves From The Last Game

Square Enix has recently unveiled a lot of new details about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the next chapter in its three-part remake trilogy of the classic 1997 RPG. One key bit of info is that players won’t be able to import their saves from Final Fantasy VII Remake into Rebirth, but there will be a reward for those who played the last game and its DLC.
In an interview with the Official PlayStation Blog, Rebirth’s director Naoki Hamaguchi explained that players won’t be able to import their leveled-up and super-powerful characters from Remake into the new sequel, suggesting that each entry in the FFVII remake trilogy will be a “standalone game in its own right.”

“Because of this, each game’s balancing is done independently,” explained Hamaguchi. “And a player’s levels and abilities will not carry over from one game to the next.”

Lol ok.

Whatever. Non-issue.

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

Whatever. Non-issue.

Yeah I’m a little confused about why the press wants to make a stink about this? For clicks I guess. You might as well be concerned about not getting to use your Diablo 3 characters in Diablo 4.

I mean, Diablo 3 and Diablo 4 are not loose adaptations of a single pre-existing game, nor do they form one continuous narrative in which the same characters are followed throughout. A more apt comparison would be the fact that Samus starts every Metroid game without any of the gadgets she collected in the previous game, often with no story explanation whatsoever even when there's a very direct timeline connection in which one game ostensibly follows directly from another, and even when there is a story explanation, it often ends up feeling artificial and contrived. Which isn't, like, a dealbreaker for most people, but it's certainly been commented upon, and to the extent that the dissonance is accepted, it's largely accepted because it's a genre convention drawn from that series' 8-bit roots. In the specific case of Final Fantasy 7, no such convention exists: the expectation is that the story of Final Fantasy 7 is a continuous narrative in which the characters' gear and level progression is also continuous, because that's how it was in the original game.

It's almost like the original FF7 was remarkably well-structured and well-paced, and artificially splitting the remake into three installments for business reasons leads to knock-on problems like the fact that it feels incredibly obvious where padding has been added in order to inflate the runtime of each installment, and now that character progression is artificially interrupted and reset where each installment ends and the next begins.

FFX and X-2 had separate leveling systems, as did the FFXIII trilogy. Each had returning characters that started back at low level. Mass Effect had the same issue. It’s just the artifice of video games laid bare. FF7R’s is just more honest about it.