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IHateDRM wrote:

Hmm I know I had read it was an influence on something Matsuno worked on and would have sworn it was FFT, but it might have been FFXII and I don't have time to check right now. My main point though of FFT being better still stands though ;)

Here we go it was the retranslation of FFT for the PSP:

"The retranslated dialogue in The War of the Lions is inspired by George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire".

Agrias refers to Dycedarg's conspiracy as a "game of thrones".
The use of Ser instead of the most commonly used 'Sir'.
Lionsguard is inspired by the series "Kingsguard""

from: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki...

I would have sworn that was the edit not quote button...

Ah, them pulling references into the PSP translation makes more sense. Interesting.

ASoIaF and FFT are inspired heavily by the same war. And Agrias may be the OG Brienne. But George's series also had a pretty clear influence on Final Fantasy XIV, which even features a Red Wedding-esque rug-pull, in addition to a lot of in-jokes and references sprinkled throughout. It has a lot of groups with their own interests that aren't always congruent with each other, yet it's widely and I'd say rightly praised as a high point for the series. But, in talking about if XVI's story will be confusing or not, I think it's notable that our pop culture has also been influenced. There are a lot of civilians out there who can outline the lineage of House Targaryen, and can also explain why that's important. Our biggest pop moment of the past decade was when a purple alien warlord god got 6 magic rocks and killed half the universe, so the heroes needed to travel back in time to retrieve the magic rocks before they could be used, which brought them into conflict with the purple alien warlord god from the past before he won, and at least one character from that point in time is now running around the present. People are much more used to complexity and fancifulness in stories these days.

steinkrug wrote:

That doesn’t seem likely based on release dates and stuff. I think they were both just inspired by the same historical events. War of the Roses etc.

It's amazing how long ago A Game of Thrones came out, when you think about it (1996).