Fabulous Final Fantasy Franchise Discussion Catch-all


My two other fiesta jobs are Ranger and Samurai, headed out to World 2.

It's not as good as my video on VI but it's finally done and I can finally stop thinking about it and move onto something else.

"insufficiently hydrated party"

Love that

This has actually been the least interesting "Inside Final Fantasy" to me so far. Perhaps because I still haven't completed the game and perhaps because I haven't found much appreciation for the Gambit system, or maybe because the most interesting information regarding the game's troubled development is already out there. I dunno. Curious if anyone else will feel similarly or different.

I haven't watched the video yet ccesarano, is this regarding FFXII or somehow related to the FFVII remake?

It's Inside Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

I guess I don't understand what you mean about the games troubled development then, and your use of the "if anyone else will feel similarly" .. I guess it made me feel like you were talking about a new game somehow

Don't all final fantasy games have troubled development? I almost feel like it wouldn't be a FF game without it.

No, troubled development only really started with XII. The director left the game midstream because Square wanted young, vibrant protagonists and he wanted Baasch to continue being the lead. This caused delay and some muddling of the vision of the game. Every main line game since has run into arguably even more serious issues.

Troubled FF development is karma for killing Matsuno's interest in AAA development.

Edit: 10 mins in and I'm finding this one boring as hell. Lol

This made me chuckle

(FF summarised by The Simpsons)

Further down that Twitter thread:

Poor Prompto gets such a bad rap.