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beanman101283 wrote:

So, I was genuinely surprised that FF XIII-2 ends with


the death of Serah and a massive cliffhanger showing the world about to end. Our heroes can't catch a break, it seems.

Despite how bonkers the story gets, it remained enjoyable to play throughout. The final sequence of boss fights were fairly straightforward and enjoyably flashy.

Did anyone play the DLC episodes focused on Lightning, Sazh, and Snow? Are they worth checking out?

I only played XIII and Lightning Returns, so I can't comment on the DLC, but totally check out Lightning Returns. It's like Final Fantasy Majora's Mask. My only complaint about that game is the final boss, and I wasn't able to actually finish it because of that.

I plan to pick up Lightning Returns the next time it goes on sale on Steam. I'm looking forward to it! Due to hitting that final boss issue the first time I tried FFX, I tend to follow walkthroughs for Final Fantasy games. Hopefully I won't have too much issue with the final boss then.

beanman101283 wrote:

I plan to pick up Lightning Returns the next time it goes on sale on Steam. I'm looking forward to it! Due to hitting that final boss issue the first time I tried FFX, I tend to follow walkthroughs for Final Fantasy games. Hopefully I won't have too much issue with the final boss then.

Yeah, I got to it wanting to just finish and realized I would have to do a lot of grinding and careful leveling to finish, so I just put the game down. The game has a unique melancholy to it, and some of the NPC stories and quests are fascinating.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Coming To PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, the shrunk-down version of Square Enix’s RPG with adorable characters and streamlined game play, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, the publisher said today.

The episodic game was released earlier this year on iOS and Android phones, with a Windows 10 edition following later. Kotaku’s Mike Fahey called it “an outstanding abridgment of the original, and a godsend for players like me who want to get to know the story of Noctis and friends but just don’t have the time.”

Store listings for the Xbox and PlayStation versions have already gone up, and the game should be available imminently. The Nintendo Switch version is “scheduled for release soon.” Instead of a free-to-play first episode with microtransactions for the rest, the console version of Pocket Edition is a one-time payment of $29.99.

Wasn't FF XV on that Nintendo bingo board?

Wait this isn't the Switch thread...

Wait. Why the hell would I want to pay $30 for a PS4 version of Pocket Edition, when the same amount of money can get me the original version, 4k graphics and all?

Because the pocket edition is a better execution on the same story and setting.

Is it really? I still can't get over Gladio's scrunched-up body.

From what I played of both (caveat: I didn't finish either) I found Pocket Edition to be the much more enjoyable of the two. The standard version of the game is unquestionably more attractive, but I didn't like it nearly as much. I'm actually pretty excited that Pocket Edition is coming out on the Switch. I had a bunch of issues with it on my phone, and my hope is that a console release is more technically sound.

I am around 110 hours and not far from 100% of the single-player Windows edition (all optional content). Next comes the online Comrades content.

I can't imagine liking the game more if it were a shortened version. I am an open-world RPG fan though of Skyrim/Fallout. The main game without optional content can be ran through with probably 40 hours. I just can't imagine someone getting a FF game and expecting 10-20 hours.

It sounds like breaking out Monopoly when you only have 15 minutes to play a board game. You're kind of missing the whole hotel/house 'Monopoly' aspect.

...and PC mods.


Is there a mod to put clothes on Cid?

Citizen86 wrote:

Is there a mod to put clothes on Cid?

I assume you mean Cidney/Cindy... probably.

I'm more inclined to think there's a mod to remove even more of her clothing than there is to add more clothes.

garion333 wrote:

I'm more inclined to think there's a mod to remove even more of her clothing than there is to add more clothes.

That's definitely true. However, a quick Google search shows that people are searching for ways to put more clothes on her.

I would definitely be on that.

I posted about this in the Switch thread before I found this Catch-All. I picked up Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on Switch after the Direct, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying it. I got it mainly because any edition of FFXV on Switch for €18 is a no-brainer for me, but I went into it quite apprehensions about whether or not I could get used to the art-style. Turns out that it doesn't bother me at all now that I'm actually playing the game!

I've only played through the first two chapters and so far I'm really enjoying the story and the gameplay. So much so that I actually re-played the first two chapters just to make sure I'd fully appreciated and picked up the story properly. I didn't know that the combat was going to be so...ARPG, but I'm enjoying it and slowly getting the hang of timing, etc. Oh yeah, and I feel like the voice acting is much better than I'd expect from just looking at the game.

Overall, very happy with my purchase. I think the 'Pocket Edition' approach is a great idea and I'd happily buy other games in this format if they were done to the same standard.

I guess they're adding new stuff to World of Final Fantasy

I plan to play this eventually, but man, what a goofy/bad trailer. So much gobbledygook front loaded in the first half before they talk about the new stuff.

I think I'm pretty close to the end of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. I've decided to take a break because it's far too early in the day for the tears which I'd imagine will soon be shed.

For (non-spoilery) reference; I'm at 10/10, 6/6, and 12/13. I think I'd like to be 13/13 before I progress, but I'm not sure how much that would involve...

Mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper casting a little shade...:

She's right, you know.

I never had trouble with keeping l'cie, fal'cie, and cie'th straight. I think I have a lifetime of fantasy novels to thank for that. But it wasn't until my most recent playthrough, which was my third, that I had a good grasp on exactly what the fal'cie are.

FF13 definitely felt like one of those fantasy or sci fi novels that deliberately drops you into a bewildering universe and wants you to pick up things as you go. It seemed like people didn't take to that, though. I'm still undecided as to whether or not the game did a bad job of presenting its world.

I could have used maybe one good "as you know, Bob" monologue about the fal'cie, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how they handled it all.

Whomever was responsible for the English translation of picking almost identical sounding words for those concepts needed a firm talking to.

They're that way in the Japanese, too. I think the goal was to help players understand the connection between them by making them clearly etymologically related (fal'cie, l'cie, cieth), but I don't think it worked. Your experience of finding them too similar seems to be the more common one by far.

A fun little reunion and interview between Nobuo Uematsu, Yoshinori Kitase, and Hironobu Sakaguchi on FFVII, its music, and even some interesting technical stuff regarding their approach to loading times and screens.

I'm pretty sure it's because S-E was tracking my Steam account, and when I finally (!) finished FFXV and uninstalled it two days ago, they knew its time was up.

Yowza. I was kind of hoping Tabata being given a studio was Square Enix's efforts to try and bring people capable of properly running a project (not Nomura) to the foreground. A course correction from last generation, basically. I'm wondering, however, if years of work on FFXV, its DLC, and then being put in charge of a whole studio under Square Enix's expectations just demanded too many hours of the man.

I mean, the announcement of his Lumionous Productions was the goal to do something a bit different, but it sounds here like it would not have been different enough.

Regardless, I'm curious to see where he goes, but it's kind of a shame to see the rest of FFXV being abandoned. Guess it was just about time to do so, though, and move on to Final Fantasy XVI in full.

Wow. I'm pretty shocked. That's a real loss for Square-Enix.