Yet another headphone thread

Mr Crinkle wrote:
Thin_J wrote:

Supposedly the XM4's are much improved for calls, but I have no reason to upgrade to them so I can't speak to that.

I have the XM4's. They are trash for calls.

Hah, good to know.

Well then I'd lean toward the Jabra personally, but the Bose options are there.

Also the MS Surface Headphones have their fans, but I've neither tried them not know anyone who has them. If you try them go for the second version, not the original.

Doing a bit more research I think I might Bose QC for the multi-point connection and decent mics. Don't hate me Thin_J, music is a second priority. Also they are $200 now and I'm sure they will be again on black Friday.

However Anker just released the life q30's @$80 and I'm interested how those review buy non youtubers.

The mics on the QC35s are just ok. It's one of the things they focused on improving with the NC700s, but I find the QC35 far, far more comfortable.

It's crazy that they can't design any of these headsets to be comfortable, have good mics, and support all the latest features.

My in ear Jabra Elite Active 65Ts have pretty good mics with minimal space to deal with. They also support multi-point connections but In ears just aren't comfortable to wear for more than a couple hours. I did a test last night with my air purifier on full blast and they faired pretty well against the Samson Meteor Mic. My voice wasn't as natural as the Meteor but it still came through clear over the background noise.