Anything fullscreen minimizes (Movies, games, etc)

Here recently I have had a problem with my computer minimizing the screen roughly every 4-5 minutes non-stop if my screen is in fullscreen mode. I can easily open it back up, but it gets rather irritating after long gaming sessions. I have read nearly 100 threads on the subject, some had fixes and some haven't. Although, none of their fixes seem to fix my situation. I knew before ever searching anything that it's most likely a background process still the focus and therefore minimizing, but I have yet to found any program or background process that could be doing so. I have checked scheduled tasks as much as I know how to and disabled any odd programs that I didn't want scheduling tasks, no luck. Changed UAC settings so it wouldn't disturb me, no luck. Disabled Windows Aero theme, no luck. Disabled Windows Firewall as well as any and all AntiVirus programs, no luck. I checked for Driver Updates for my graphics card and such, no luck. I'm running out of ideas. Only thing I can think of it could quite possibly be, is Windows Audio Device Graph process running in Task Manager. Everytime I play a game / movie it's at the top in CPU being used, as well as roughly 60mb in memory. If I end it, it comes right back. I can't delete the audiodg.exe file or whatever it's called, even though I have access to do so. I already updated my audio drives and such as well, so not sure why it would still be doing that if I updated it and what not.

Anyways, I've ran out of ideas and have no idea what to do. I also tried changing some RegKey I read would fix it, but when I went to change it, the key was already set to what I was told to change it to. Windows must of fixed it in Windows 8 I suppose. So if anyone can provide any feedback or ideas, it would be appreciated. Thanks.