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I created a new thread for this so it wouldn't get lost amongst the stuff on Nick's original thread. I had mentioned before that I had emailed Element Multisport, the tri shop Nick worked at, for some direction and to see if they had plans on having some Nick jerseys made, as some of you had expressed interest in getting one. I just heard back from Chris, the owner of Element, and they definitely have plans to have some made. He said to share his email with anyone who is interested!

I don't know any specifics yet, but am sure he will keep us in the loop. Or at least keep me in the loop and I can pass on word to you all. I know hubby and I will likely order some, as we will eventually get our butts on some bikes and out of the house.

So- please feel free to contact Chris regarding jerseys, and don't panic if he doesn't get back to you right away. He has two shops that are quite busy, and I think they are all still grieving, just as we are. Plus, I think it might not be a very speedy process. I'm sure they'll be super cool, though.

Chris Vassilades- [email protected]

If you shoot him an email, thank him for giving Nick a place to do work he loved for people he loved. I think that was one of the biggest things that kept him going.

<3 love and wellness to all. And healing,too.


Favourited for future reference!

I will be ordering a jersey when they're ready to go. Thank you for posting this, Sister!

Ditto to a shirt order. Just need to know sizing and I'll likely be picking up 2.

Email sent.

I will definitely be emailing them this week. Sister, do you know which shop Chris is operating out of, by any chance? I know Element have two locations, but if he's in the Chicago shop I might just stop in to chat IRL.

mudbunny wrote:

Email sent.


You might want to also link this thread in the bike thread.

Any word on this? I emailed Chris and never got a reply, and now I'm wondering if my spam filter killed it. But I don't want to be a jerk by emailing him again.

I haven't heard anything else. I was thinking of sending him a message just to check- I'll see him when we go to Chicago for the memorial so if all else fails I can chat with him then.

I was also wondering this.

Anybody else get this email this week?

Hey All,

Thank you for the great emails about Nick. Sorry its taken a while for me to get back to some of you. I have been trying to figure out the best way to handle an order like this. I decided to wait til after the Event this weekend to place the order. Since I'll need a minimum of 30 and we only have a handful right now, I'll try to get commitments from more. If you are planning on coming to the event I'll have a couple of proofs for you to view. If not, I will send you an email with a proof and an ETA on your jersey. I could find a company to do less than 30 but the cost is going to be significantly higher. I'll let you know pricing as soon as I have it.

Thanks for the support and we'll have a jersey for you soon.





I got to speak with Chris on Sunday at the memorial- mister and I will be ordering probably 4, I am sure my parents will want some, so... Reaching 30 shouldn't be too big of a stretch.
He did mention he would be sending out a proof soon too.
Thanks for your patience, guys.

Is there any way we can get a sample of the art?

Chris said he would be sending an email out, if I recall correctly what I saw was dark in color with a sizable nick logo in white, and some other things. :)I know that doesn't help much, but I liked it.

If the email doesn't come by Wed this week I'll email him and see what's up.

I'd really like to get a jersey but I don't have the money to do so. There was talk of bike decals/stickers before. Is that still going to to happen?

I had mentioned it but it didn't seem to take off with the group in Chicago. I have been (painfully slowly) researching different options, if it comes down to it I'll have them made and send them out myself. I just want to be sure that what I get made is just right and will work for what you guys want to use it for!! Please forgive me for taking a while- between full time nursing school, and nearly full time work, I've had very little time for much more than absentmindedly shoveling food into my mouth and showering before crawling into bed. The stickers will happen. I will make sure of it.
So- do you want a clear decal? With the logo in black or white, or a black decal with a white or color logo? How big? Any wording that would be significant for you all? How big?
I can manage to have several options made up if you all let me know what you want to use them for or what you have in mind.

Much love. I'd put the Nick logo everywhere if I could. <3 miss you every day.

Please, do not worry about how long it might take. I don't need a sticker to remember Nick but having his emblem is just cool. I was just checking to make sure I didn't miss out on getting them. If there isn't a demand for it I would be happy just to have a higher resolution version of his forum picture.

For myself. I want one for the Top Tube of my bike so that whenever I look down I'll see it. A few more to put on the side of the frame wherever I find space.

Is the image you have just his wrench hand? I was hoping to get that with a white shield around it. I don't have the image myself to show you exactly what I mean but it would look cool on my blue bike.

Sister wrote:

I had mentioned it but it didn't seem to take off with the group in Chicago. I have been (painfully slowly) researching different options, if it comes down to it I'll have them made and send them out myself.

The charity McChuck and I help run might have a sticker connection. We're sort of swamped right now, but I should be able to figure that out some time this week.