HELP! My beloved, stress relieving system beep is gone!

Yesterday I upgraded my PSU from 500w to 700w in an attempt to stop my PC locking up in grapically intensive games. After changing it and booting up I noticed that wonderful "BEEP" that lets you know all is well a few seconds after the boot was missing. The system started up fine and power seems to be going to all areas. Restarted a few times and still no beep.

Should I be concerned?

Thanks in these forums!

Perhaps restore the bios to its factory defaults, or try updating it to the latest version.

Well, you might try to determine where the beeps should be coming from (ie, find the speaker), and see if you knocked the connector loose. That's pretty easy to do.

If you have a motherboard with an onboard speaker, which I've seen a few of, then something weird's going on.

Both fantastic ideas. I will check that tonight after work. The PSU does "seem" to have fixed the main issue so far which is good.

If I can't get the "beep" back should I really worry until something goes wrong?

This is super-basic, so please forgive me if I'm stating the obvious, but it sounds like the beep you are missing is the POST beep. (Power On Self Test) I'd look around in the bios for POST settings to monkey with. I'd also look at the motherboard header for the case speaker.

Don;t apologize to me about stating the obvious This is just my second build, so I'm working my way through it. It's VERY possible that I missed a speaker wire while installing the new PSU. In fact, I think I remember not having a place to plug a specific wire in and thinking it was power for a fan or something that could be added at a later date. All the lights, buttons, and USB on the case work...but the speaker could be on a diffeent wire.

It's very odd that anything in the BIOS would have changed? All I did was unplug and re-plug...but hey again...I'm learning!

Continued thanks for all the advice

Well, the speaker plugin is usually a thin piece of black plastic with four holes in it, with black and red wires going into holes 1 and 4. For whatever reason, the plugs they use never seem to hold onto the pins very well, so it's really easy to knock them loose.

Look for a red/black wire pair coming from the front of your case, probably mixed in with a nest of other wires. If the red/black pair goes to a four-pin plug that's hanging loose, that's almost certainly your problem. (Most newer cases will also label the plastic with SPEAKER.) Look in your motherboard manual for where to plug it in. It will usually be on the corner of the motherboard farthest from the CPU. If you look at the board so that the PCIe slots are on the top left of the motherboard, the connector for the speaker is usually in the bottom left corner.

edit: if you look at the picture in this eBay auction, the round things on the left are tiny speakers. The square ends on the right are what you're looking for; you should have something just like that.

Changing a PSU shouldn't affect POST. I reckon Malor has the right of it.