ianunderhill vs. cancer (RIP Nick)

Glad to hear from you. Keep it up!

Glad to hear things are thing for the better, and so much better actually!


I can't tell you how thrilled I am to hear of all the good things coming your way, Ian. Hope to meet you up in a S&T one of these days! Take care.

Keep chunking, man. You are, frankly, awesome.

That is just the best way to start a Monday. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and that the apartment move which could have been a real hassle seems to have transformed into a boon.

Keep at it man. I'm really happy to see that progress is being made. StanliTech's keeping a chair at the board room table warm for you.

This way to start the week is the best way to start the week.

It's great to hear some really good news right now. I hope to hear about you riding in the coming months.

Plus 1 to what everyone else said!

This is great news, I'm so happy to hear things are going so well for you right now and hope it just keeps getting better. I just love it when things fall into place like your new living arrangements. Serendipity!!

Wow, the shift in your demeanor here reflects good changes in the situation, I hope. Really glad to see you coming out of the tunnel.

Keep kickin' ass! That last treatment will be done before you know it.

Absolutely wonderful to hear. You've been through a heck of a lot, a small bit left, but your attitude is just inspirational.

Great to hear from you, and even better to hear that you are doing so well and that things seem to be working out well.

Power to you, Ian.

Round eight went just fine. I can't believe I wrapped the whole thing in the midst of moving apartments, but I did, and I've been feeling great this week. As of Friday morning, I was mostly unpacked and have things set up as I like. All this involved lots of lifting. Sorting, carrying flattened boxes out to the alley, etc., and unlike the move itself, where I had three friends helping, I did this unassisted. Even with three people helping, my breaks were largely taken to catch my breath, rather than feeling specifically weak or exhausted, and the day following move-in saw soreness mostly in my legs. I'm convinced that I must be getting stronger again, because a month back, I don't think I'd have been in a position to engage in so much physical work surrounding an infusion cycle. My roommate and my friends were all very impressed with how well I managed, and I'm quite proud of myself for pacing it just right to get a lot done and push myself a little without hitting the point of collapse. I'm trying to figure out what else I can do to keep this increase advancing slowly but surely as I hopefully prepare to go back to work.

Scans are happening Monday, already. No idea what to expect, but I'm looking forward to knowing just how much good my treatment's been doing me so far. My oncologist has indicated she wants to tentatively continue further infusion treatment if the results look as positive as she suspects they might be, though this time we'd return to that original dosage since we seem to have the right meds counteracting the chemo drugs' side effects and I seem to be doing so much better. I'm happy to do so if things are working. Doesn't make me any less nervous, sure, but I am hopeful, and I don't mean that in the "delusionally optimistic" sense of the word.

Regardless, I am in a fantastic living space now with a positively cavernous bedroom, two amazing cats, and one of the best friends a guy could ever have in my roommate Heather. Our having known each other for over a decade is working out really well in terms of us knowing each other's quirks and communication styles, so the potential for conflict is at a minimum. It really feels like a healthy, happy environment, and I can only imagine what that's going to do for what I already consider to be a fairly upbeat outlook on my end of things.

Also, I can't wait to get people over for board games. And NintendoLand on the big tv. And and and.

Sounds all good Ian. And it is good to be optimistic about your prospects as it will actually help as well.
Stress is the worst, so rather overdo it than leaning the pessimistic way.
Great to hear the move went so well and you have a great roommate!

Great to hear you're doing well. Also: was this weekend just moving week around here? I moved, you moved, and I think someone else moved. Must have been a good time to move.

I share your excitement at the prospects of an apartment. Good to know that everything has been going well so that moving wasn't an extra burden/hassle and is the joyful occasion it should be.

Really happy for you, Ian. Keep it up, buddy.

Every one of these posts makes my morning. So glad to see things appear to be on the up and up Ian!

Fantastic! So happy things continue to move forward!

Sounds like Monday is a big day, let us know what happens. And have a good relaxing weekend in the new place!

That is so awesome, ian! I hope things keep progressing as nicely as they have been.

More good vibes being sent your way Ian. Let us know how things go with all the new changes in your life.

Everything sounds great, Ian. I'm totes jelly of your apartment situation.

That's awesome news, Ian!

Thanks for sharing all that positive awesomeness, and keep up the good work!

Great to hear from you, Ian. Keep at it!

Up early drinking the first bottle of Contrast for today's scans. It's mildly unpleasant, but reading back through all the encouraging remarks from the community is helping me out a ton this morning. Thanks so much for being amazing, folks - consistently and thoroughly.