Google Analytics Consulting

Anyone know a good consultant well versed in Google Analytics? When we launched our new site, we changed from a static html based site to a WP based site. Apparently through that process my Analytics tracking got messed up.

I'm having two issues now. First, I'm receiving a huge number of self referrals. It was as high as 50-75% of all referrals, although after some tweaking I did based on some research, I've got that down to around 30%.

Second, nearly all of my e-commerce conversions, which rely on our third party reservation site, are being listed as self referrals. This is the bigger of the two problems, as conversions is how I track the value of our various paid listings.

I'm doing a lot of research and tweaking, but nothing seems to be fixing the problem completely. Compound that with the fact that there's no easy and immediate way to tell whether the problem is in fact fixed, and you've got my frustration. So I'm tossing up my hands and looking for a professional to help. Anyone have any recommendations?

Nobody knows a good Google Analytics consultant? How about a good Wordpress developer? I may have found the issue, or at least a workaround, but it requires a bit of customization of the WordPress theme that my site is based on. I've got an email in to the support for the theme, but they don't appear to be terribly helpful when it comes to these types of minor customizations.

No idea, but maybe a bump will help.

I've got some Google Analytics experience...but not sure I can help, mainly because my WordPress is rusty.

I know some folks that are really good at web Analytics, but they are liable to be expensive. How much you looking to spend?