The Witcher 3 Catch-All

I got the books for X-mas this year and am almost through the second collection of short stories. Once I'm done ( or while playing) I'm going to play Witcher 2 and Witcher 3 again. I don't think I can go back to the Original.

I also enjoyed Thronebreaker, the single player Gwent game, because it dovetails with lore from the books and what was happening in the Second Northern War.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally put this to bed. Finished Blood and Wine last night.

Just like the main game, I didn’t get the happiest ending, but I’m quite content with how my Geralt's story ended.


Geralt was unable to save Syanna, but he still decided to let Detlaff go. He spent some time in prison for his decision but was ultimately rescued by Dandelion - grateful for the friendships he's forged.

He then had to tell the Duchess the sad truth about her sister. That night over a quiet drink with Regis, Gerald decided he would someday retire to his vineyard in Beauclair.

Sounds like we had the same ending!

Anyone else playing Witchermon Go Witcher Monster Slayer? My friend code is 0102 8721 9041.

I have, but it's been relatively uninspiring. Maybe having friends will help? My friend code is 5120 1110 3869.