[FFXIV] [Bad Example] Anyone looking to join a Free Company?

Hello, I am trying to get a group of people together to form a Free Company with. I have a fair number of people already and hoping to find quite a few more.

Some information about what I'm hoping to accomplish with the Free Company is having a light-hearted community where people can socialize and if they wish to raid then progress through the end game content. I personally won't be running the raid group, my friend will who has a bit more experience in that kind of area of the game. The bad thing about having a large guild is that people often get left out because of a full raid group so if I get enough people then I would set up multiple raid groups, hopefully with each being run by an experienced person. We already have the leadership established for the Free Company but if we get large enough I'll be looking for more dedicated people.

I should mention a little about myself. I am a 24 year old guy who was a hardcore raider in World of Warcraft (mainly Wraith of the Lich King) and progress through both normal and Hard mode ICC clearing everything but the Lich King himself. I will be the guild leader and main tank of this Free Company and have ran successful guilds in the past (mainly just World of Warcraft). I'd like to think of myself as fair but I am also strict about keeping a welcoming environment and have no problem getting rid of someone if they are making others uncomfortable.

If any of you are thinking of getting into FFXIV and don't have a group to play with (or have a group and you all want to join) then feel free to contact me or go to www.badexample.ca and apply. The Free Company will be on the Diabolos server. I'm not sure if recruiting is allowed on these forums, if I'm breaking any rules let me know and I'll remove this thread.

While there will probably be a fair bit of interest come launch, it's not likely that it'll last 2-3 months. GWJ isn't really known for sustaining interest in MMOs over the long term.