Stardew Valley: A Spiritual 'Successor' to Harvest Moon



Looks great so far. It is only being made by one guy.

No one is interested?

Looks promising, actually. Not really interested until it's fully completed, as the most recent Harvest Moon on the 3DS is so feature-rich that I've got plenty of gameplay left in that one before I start looking for my next Harvest Moon-ish fix (which may end up being this!).

I voted for Stardew Valley on Steam Greenlight forever ago. I was and still am excited for it to come out. I just played Harvest Moon FoMT for the first time so that probably explains it. Any word on the launch date (steam/desura/anywhere)?

Just that it will be in 2013.

My first HM experience was HM64 and I absolutely loved it. I've tried many iterations since then, including the Rune Factory games and I just haven't gotten hooked. Hopefully this will be different enough to feel fresh.

I want... now!

I loved boy and girl on psp and ps1(I think?) I tried innocent life but could not get into it, have not tried rune factory yet, it is on my to get list though.

Yep. Looking forward to it. Been years since I played Harvest Moon. Since the Gameboy colour/advance days I think.
So glad this is coming out on the PC.

Looks fun! I've never played a Harvest Moon game before but I've seen them a lot over the years and that has me a bit curious.

I've played a few hours into one of the many DS titles, but never much more of Harvest Moon. I'm intrigued to hear more from this game.

Game is still in development with regular updates, usually monthly. Just wanted to res the topic so new people might see it and get into it.

Yeah I have been following closely to his website, unfortunatelly it may be a year out realistically still.

Yeah, sadly.

New trailer!

Looks great!

Updated list of features! Sounds like the developer is in the final stages, but no release date yet.

  • 40+ crops and fruit trees
  • Crop quality, renewable crops, multi-season crops, different harvesting styles
  • Farming-related items like fertilizers, sprinklers, and “maker machines”
  • Random farm events (helpful, fun, creepy, mysterious)
  • Farm animals
  • Greenhouse to grow out-of-season crops
  • Fishing (50+ fish that appear in different seasons/weather/time of day, crab pots, rods, bait, bobbers)
  • Seasonal Festivals (games, unique items, character development)
  • Mining (Explore and progress deeper underground, gathering precious ores and discovering powerful treasures)
  • Smelt ore into bars and sell them, use them to craft, or upgrade your tools.
  • Acquire boots, magic rings, and weapons to defend yourself against creatures lurking in the mines.
  • Adventurer’s Guild (for monster hunters)
  • Collect artifacts and minerals, and display them in the local museum. Those who donate can earn unique rewards.
  • Non-Linear “story arc” involving the local community center (progressing unlocks big “world rewards” like gold panning or travel to the desert)
  • Skill system with perks (e.g. the perk you choose at level 5 farming determines which perks you can choose from at level 10)
  • Foraging… gathering from the wild, tapping trees, crafting beehives, etc.
  • 30+ characters who go shopping, have doctor’s appointments, meet up for aerobics club, and kick back at the saloon. If you befriend someone, they might share a family recipe with you or send you gifts in the mail.
  • 10 marriage candidates to pursue, each with unique character development cutscenes.
  • 200+ furniture pieces, wallpapers and floors to customize your house.
  • 150+ crafting and cooking recipes.

Almost here! Two and a half days until release.

Stardew Valley solves the stagnation and repetition of gameplay in recent games in the Harvest Moon series and offers so many more spatial possibilities and customizing capabilities than similar precursors in design, such as Pokémon and Animal Crossing.


I've been following it, very excited to try it out.

I'm very curious to see how this turns out; it's been on my radar since it was announced.

Been looking forward to this.

Tamren wrote:

Been looking forward to this.


Can't wait to play it.

Looks interesting.


Aaron D. wrote:

Looks interesting.



Haven't played a Harvest Moon game since the PS2, but I played the hell out of that. Largely as a function of having just moved to a foreign country and entirely lacking any kind of social life, but still.

That looks adorable.

Paul Soares Jr did a quick look with a character that's about 6 hours in to show a few different things if you're interested and not worried about 'spoilers'.

Man, I'm really struggling with the decision to Day One this game.

If I wasn't knee-deep and having a blast with Pillars, it wouldn't even be up for debate.

Stardew looks charming as heck and it's totally in impulse price range. Plus the "1 man, 4 year passion project" development story is so intriguing as well. I want to acknowledge & rearward that dedication.

Perhaps I'll mentally justify it by considering Stardew & Pillars a ying/yang juxtapose of tone and cross my fingers that I don't drop one for the other. Instead thinking of it as part of a balanced gaming diet.

Yeah, that's how it happened.

ETA 10 hours.

Steam unlocks this at 1pm for me. Trying to get all my work finished before lunch.

It's unlocked now!

I am loving it! Can't believe a single person made this.