Recommend me a disc imaging solution for a classroom?

I basically want to set up a windows machine, load up a few key software tools, and be able to blow it away for the next student after the course.

Small lab, only 10 pcs...

Or perhaps virtualization on the machines would be better for this?

Microsoft has a tool called Steady State introduced with XP. Microsoft discontinued it for Windows 7 but published a guide of how to accomplish the same things as Steady State with built-in tools to Win7 here.

If you want to do images, then Acronis has free versions and there is always Windows Backup.

I'll Nth Acronis. A friend turned me onto it and I'm using it for my lab machines as well as my Moms box.

I've used Acronis and Norton Ghost. I would recommend both.

Yeah, Acronis comes up high in the hit list on the web searches, but their website was so damn ugly I wondered if they were still ... viable?

How do those imaging products deal with Windows Update or what seems to be almost daily updates for Adobe Flash?

Can you incrementally image or you have to do the whole drive over and over again? Or is there some sort of filter for system/program updates?

Also how long does it take to reimage the drive daily if you have OS, and a few select programs and games like MS office and Minecraft?

Arconis what? They have a ton of products so which one do I want to get so I create an image of a PC and then write that image on a new PC (same model, etc.)

We had one at my last job which I came to love. I booted to a CD, then picked "create image" or "restore image" and went from there. I think it was Arconis Drive Image or True Image, but their web site doesn't help me much to figure out which it was.

At home, this is what I use:

Or you can try the Lite version and see if it does what you need:

I wanted to make a quick post if someone searches for software for disk cloning/imaging.

I started using Clonezilla at my new job because we didn't want to pay for Arconis and I couldn't be more pleased. It has worked great for imaging Windows 7 machines and best of all it is free.

So if you are looking check it out.