Google Chromecast

It's not like Apple sells Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast in their stores either.

I find the uproar over "Company 1 that is now in competition with Company 2 has stopped selling Company 2's competing products" pretty weird.

If you want a Chromecast just... buy it from Google. Or one of the probably 50 other places that will sell it.


I am not in an uproar. I even said there are plenty of other places to buy them. I just find it a probably ineffective action for Amazon.

And it's a bit different to back out of selling something you've sold for quite some time, vs never having done it in the first place.

This is like Gamestop no longer selling consoles with packed in digital game codes. Yeah, it's their business right to do it to try to protect a particular business model, but it's not really going to really change things that much in the long run.

Yeah, plus all the rhetoric about confused customers is very annoying.

MannishBoy wrote:

I am not in an uproar.

I didn't say you were.

There are articles popping up all over the place about whether this is "right" or not. It's silly.

Got the new Chromecast today. For the most part, it's the same thing as the old one. It's overall light years faster when loading apps and buffering on my 2.4 ghz router. When I get the 5ghz router in Monday I'm sure it will be even faster.

Having Spotify on it is pretty awesome.

There aren't any iPhone games worth playing on the Chromecast yet but I'm sure that will change in the future.

Backdrops tieing in with Google photos is really nice but I think you can do that on V1 now as well. I thought they were going to be doing high def animated backdrops but they may be a future thing.

At this point I am frustrated beyond belief. So I get the Chromecast to replace the fire tv stick - the stick would load constantly on Netflix making it unwatchable, and simply freeze up on Hulu. Connection would say good but "with problems" whatever the f*ck that meant the end result was it didn't function.

So the Chromecast at first seems to work fine. I don't like the fact that you have to use it through an app through a third party device but whatever. Now it devolves into typical night trying to get it to work - unplug/plug chromecast. Power cycle ipad. Oh, now finally it shows up in the cast button menu. Ok, start watching show on Netflix. After a few minutes it loads again and hangs at 99%. Look at my app, in the cast button my chromecast option has disappeared. Or, the entire cast button has disappeared. Try resetting various devices, repeat.

All I want to do is f*cking watch netflix and hulu upstairs. My daughter uses an old ps3 to do so which is further away from our router/modem combo unit (yes comcast ugh) but it works fine. Every other device that uses wireless works fine. But for some reason these devices refuse to play nice with my setup.

Wow sorry to hear you're having these problems. That never happens to me. For the cast button to show up both your iPad and Chromecast needs to be connected to the same network.

Does your router support 5ghz?

That sounds like an inconsistent wifi problem. The answer might be to get one of the Chromecast wired adapters, assuming they work with the new ones.

Thanks for the ideas, I just needed to vent some frustration there. Anyway I returned the Chromecast and did what I probably should have from the beginning - brought my old xbox 360 up from the living room. The kids still used it sometimes so I wanted to keep it down there, but oh well. Netflix and Hulu apps work flawlessly through the box now. Clearly devices like the stick and chromecast just don't play well with my router for some reason but everything else works fine. Oh well.

Just used the new one @5ghz last night to watch Homeland and it looked fantastic. It actually looked better than my cable box signal from Fios. I did not experience any buffering issues either.

It's worth noting that the router is directly below my TV and one floor down in the garage.