Cube World: Exploration-based ARPG/Hack-and-Slash

I managed to snag myself a copy, so I might play a bit tonight if I can tear myself away from Civ V. Playing from Australia though so I doubt I'll sync up with anyone, which is a shame, because this looks like one of those games that's many times better with a group. I wonder if ping is an issue with this game?

As far as I know, each PC renders the world locally using the seed, so it's just locations etc that are transferred for multiplayer - should help to reduce issues. There have been some users more local to the server that have had issues, while I have had none, hopefully you'll be the same

I found what I thought was a new town last night - lots of fancy buildings on the horizon, way out east. Turns out, they were ruins, and I was promtly swamped by ghosts, skeletons, zombies... all manner of undead things. They could run faster than me! So my usual 'RUN AWAY!' tactic didn't even work, as all the monsters behind me could just continue to hit me.. sad times. On the plus side, Some other dude on the server killed a dinosaur, miles away from me (I don't even know where he was) and I got +120XP, plus platinum coins! I didn't even have to stand up! Thanks!

So, weapon customization: I have no idea what I did but my sword is much more bad-ass.

Does this game have a wiki anyone knows about yet? I don't mind "figure it out for yourself" but once I have done something, a little supplementary information would be nice. I guess I could wander around on their forums.

There is one that I have used for seeing the pet requirement food:

It's far from finished, obviously.

I briefly hopped on the server with a couple of different characters last night but was having some issues. Not sure if I had sync problems but I don't know that I could interact with stuff and my chat wasn't going through. The game would also lock up every time I left the server.

Seems like a pretty interesting game though. I like that it has a more fast-paced feel than Minecraft and more focus on pure adventuring/exploration. Should be fun!

I think the server is down :\

So, you're saying the server application is full of features?

Yep. You can press Q to quit. There's the server.exe manual.

Yeah. Give me a few minutes. While I have it in a crashed state I'm going to see if I can set up a script to detect the status and automatically restart it. With no log file to tail or any real server features it's tricky to catch.

[Edit] Okay, got it. I've set up an Autohotkey script to run every five minutes (shortest Windows Task Scheduler interval) to check if it's crashed and restart it if so.

Is this playable without internet connection? Single player, obviously. But no startup check or need to be always online?

DonD wrote:

Is this playable without internet connection? Single player, obviously. But no startup check or need to be always online?

There is a startup check I'm afraid.

IHateDRM wrote:
DonD wrote:

Is this playable without internet connection? Single player, obviously. But no startup check or need to be always online?

There is a startup check I'm afraid.

If you go to the game's folder and launch cube.exe instead of using the launcher, I'm not sure if you need to be online.

The startup check is only for updates, afaik, the cable in my building was knocked out for a couple of hours last weekend and I could still play it fine.

My multiplayer server connection issues were solved with a computer reboot! Yay!

Going from staff to wand on my mage has made all the difference. Anyone have a good wiki? I've found a couple but they are very incomplete (which is to be expected)

Can someone explain multiplayer to me in this game? For me to try something like this out it's GOT to have multiplayer.

I know its alpha, but roughly how many people can be in an one fo the 4 zones at once? Also do they plan on having PvP? If it had PvP that would be pretty sweet.

Thanks in advance

I'm pretty sure if you fail the start up check you can continue on to play.

This game, I must have it. I'll be prudent and wait a bit - see how it develops over time - but I know it's only a matter of time before I jam my money in this game's face-hole.

A friend insisted I play it, so I dived in yesterday. It's definitely an alpha but shows huge promise, and it's a bit of a slog to get up the first few levels. My ranger is almost level 2, and has their first pet. That took 2 hours!

Considering it's apparently the work of only two people it's all the more impressive and I hope they're encouraged by the amount of interest their game is receiving.

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Do you have a server setup? I'd be more than happy to participate. My mage needs some things to kill.

I have a server that I run during recording sessions but I've been told it gets unstable if you go over 2 players. I'm verifying that because I'd love to have a couple of extra people run around with us.

4 is the limit at the moment. If you wanna PM some of the players from this thread, I would definitely love to help out. Right now I just connect to mantis' server when it's up.

Oh, someone should have said something. I shutdown my server to move it yesterday and forgot to start up the CubeWorld server. It's up now.

Finally! Sheesh.

I am trying to play Eve again you filthy enablers!

Here's another wiki:

Killed the 'leader of a lake' a giant crab that took probably a good 15 minutes to kill, but got some nice items and 9 platinum for my troubles. Mage is getting really good at kiting now.

On mantis' server now, is there a way to see if anyone else is on? Aside from just typing into the chat?

Yeah, they'll show up at the top and as heads on the map.

Hey folks, I just picked this up. Count me in on any multiplayer funage