Cube World: Exploration-based ARPG/Hack-and-Slash


That's some real good skimming right there folks.

A: I have a cold so:


B: You can play now ahead of the public release which is what I was trying to get across from behind all the cold meds

Well I did buy this back in 2013, and you can indeed redeem a steam key, install and play.

But eh ... I'd given it up for dead and I'm not sure I care anymore. At least they finally delivered a product.

Today is release day apparently.

I haven't really played beyond installing it and getting 3-shot by a rabbit. I gather the progression system has been changed from alpha.

Curious to see what the reception is after so long.

The Steam discussions on Cube World are extremely toxic. I went looking for info on mapping commands on the controller, and there is nothing but bitching and moaning on there.

Prior to release, the developer changed the XP & skill tree based advancement system to an item based system that is tied to regions. When you enter a new region, you basically start with nothing and have to collect new things to beat the stuff in that region. I think that's a clever solution to the power curve problem in most RPGs, but a lot of people in the discussion group have gone ballistic.

I'm a little disappointed that it's no longer procedurally generated, but it's big enough that doesn't really bother me.