Cube World: Exploration-based ARPG/Hack-and-Slash


Cube World is an exploration-based ARPG/hack-and-slash that looks like a combination of Zelda, Diablo, and Minecraft. The game is still in development but can be purchased and played for €15 via Paypal: There is also a demo (download).

The dev has posted a lot of videos and screenshots that show off the various systems in the game, from questing and dungeons to combat to building and weapon crafting. Here are some videos (newest to oldest).

Combat - Bows, Dual Wielding, Shields, and Two-Handed:

More Combat (in slow-mo):

Spirit System (Custom Weapons):


(Updated 07/19/13 with new links and purchase info. Thanks BadKen.)

I have no idea why I clicked on this thread. I fully expected (and told myself I would) to be completely uninterested. No dice.

Also, I'm a sucker for voxels.

The game just went up for sale today and promptly brought the store page servers to their knees. The game's development progress has been quite promising. Also, there will be a demo. Only get it from the official site, the oddly named

Woo! I had no idea this game was coming out so soon, I've been looking forward to it for a while now.

Boo! Their online store is still closed. Take my money, goddammit!

Ack - let me throw money at you damn you. Get on Steam NOW!

Edit: I was able to create an account, buy Alpha ($20 US) and download and install. Looks like they switched to Amazon Cloud Services for server capacity if I read the hyperlinks right.

Bottom line - go buy - NOW!

I would love to throw money at this and play. But now his registration page is down so I can't create an account to buy the thing

I got it this morning and put in a couple of hours. I have no idea what I am doing.

So some tips (spoilered for those who want to not know anything about the game going in):


- In the wilderness, kill everything you can. That collie may look cute but he has XP hidden in him.
- Stay away from ogres. Bad times. Triply so for trolls.
- Find some friendlies and kite enemies to them. It seems like as long as you are in for the kill, you will get some experience. If the friendlies die, they sometimes have good loot.
- As far as I can tell, there is no penalty for dying, so, while you are quite fragile and there are many, many nasties in the world, don't be a afraid to poke your nose into stuff. When you die you just re-spawn at one of those weird looking angel statue looking things, with all your gear and XP intact.
- As you level up, you go up in power. Weapons and armor are tied to this. Don't be a dope (like me) and spend all your money on that nifty two-handed sword only to curse when you cannot equip it because you are power level 5 and the sword requires power level 53.

The game is quite pretty, in that Minecraft sort of way. But more colorful than I remember vanilla Minecraft to be. The world is huge, it took me 12 in-game hours (an hour in real life I think) to go from one town near where I started to the next town.

I could get on the site earlier, but not register. Now, the site's not even loading for me. I hope he gets his server issues sorted out since people obviously really want to buy his game (me included).

Almost immediately upon starting my first world a turtle walked in front of me, so I shot it.

That turtle kicked my ass.

This game is hard.

Yeah I had a squirrel kill my first character.

Don't be a afraid to run away. Just watch where you are going so as to not get into more trouble. Also, you start with 5 health potions that heal while you are running, unlike other things that heal you which make you stationary. So start a fight, watch health, when it gets too low pop a potion and run until you are healed. Then turn around and have at you again. Repeat until tortoise is dead.

Then bask in the +3 XP you got!

Yeah, I have since gotten a bit more of a handle on the combat and heartflowers are luckily common enough to keep me in potions.

It also helped a lot when I realized that the ranger's secondary attack is a utility skill to increase the combo meter and add haste to the primary attack, but doesn't actually deal any damage of it's own. I died quite a bit before I realized why I couldn't seem to kill anything.

Anyway, I love this game so far. The difficulty is refreshing.

This looks pretty cool! Have the problems with the Shop/downloading the game been sorted out?

Nooooo. The store is open but you have to be logged in and registration is closed.

I managed to squeak in super early yesterday morning. I snagged two copies (one for me, and one for my partner-in-crime, PSJ). The multiplayer on this is ... spotty. Crashy. Laggy. The single player is great fun. I tamed a bunch of animals, and learned to ride an enormous beetle. It took me well over an hour to walk from one city to another. The ratio of wilderness to not-wilderness is staggeringly large.

If anyone is interested in watching me fumble around, I recorded my play session and put it up on Twitch. It's a few hours, but I honestly think you'll have the idea after the first 20 minutes.


I just registered about 20 minutes ago, and can get to the buy button without issue. Just wasn't sure if it was actually available now before i set down some cashola

Edit - I can get all the way to the final Paypal button, so I'm guessing it's back open. Buuuuut, will the actual download be available

How heavy is the server? Sounds like it needs some more baking but I can run a GWJ server. Hopefully they increase the max players from the current limit of 4.

[Edit] Hey, registrations are open right now. I was able to create an account.

Pah, I caved already and bought it. I was swithering about a couple of other games recently, but talked myself out of them so I had the mental budget spare..

Well, thanks a lot for this thread.

I double caved and bought 2 licenses after trying it for a bit for our family to play. If it really takes off I guess I'll have to buy a 3rd so all the Irongut clan can play together on a LAN simultaneously. Still at 3 licenses it would pan out to the cost of a retail release... and if the updates keep coming, and it truly continues to be an infinitely fresh experience, that will be an investment well spent in a small development team (family)that is delivering on a charming product. Minecraft is still the #1 timesink in our house across multiple platforms, and I hope to see this continue to grow and evolve like that did.

Don't worry, I'll be buying a couple more myself when the kids get back from visiting my parents.

Everything in this game is angry! And never gives up. I finally found a friendly NPC but as soon as I talked to him the angry dwarves that had been chasing me from the beginning ran up to him and killed him.

They do give up eventually but you have to run a fair piece first.

I just played one of the quests (clear a castle). Got all the way to the boss, died and the castle reset (it had not done so my previous two deaths while I was working through the castle).

Do all the enemies take an incredibly long time to kill? Those videos show it taking a really long time to kill enemies.

It gets better with better equipment. But the bad guys can drink health potions too.

I just bought this game yesterday. Anyone interested in doing some multiplayer?

Can anyone tell me how you get iron?

Go into caves. There are iron deposits you can hit with your weapons to make iron nuggets. Smelt the nuggets to make iron blocks that can be used for crafting.

I just found one. That was pretty scary.

cabdodger wrote:

Can anyone tell me how you get iron?

I only know how to get wood.

I just started, so have no clue what I'm doing I did find a town, and I think a quest bubble popped up, but looks like the text is in German, for some reason.. I've so far managed to avoid all the beasties, but I'm sure that will change. So far the town feels pretty empty, but there are fields full of food!

LiquidMantis wrote:

How heavy is the server? Sounds like it needs some more baking but I can run a GWJ server. Hopefully they increase the max players from the current limit of 4.

[Edit] Hey, registrations are open right now. I was able to create an account.

Someone on Reddit posted this. It should allow you to set the cap much higher. Poking around, I've found reference to servers hosting up to 64 players.

Demosthenes wrote:
cabdodger wrote:

Can anyone tell me how you get iron?

I only know how to get wood.

I didn't think toothpicks were implemented in game yet...

Damn, I'm definitely grabbing a 3rd license tonight... I've been working over the 4th of July holiday... and my kids are torturing me by playing. I reached a point when I was like "Can't you guys wait till tonight, I was hoping we'd experience this game ... together. Doh."