Recommend me a laptop

I'm looking for a 15" or 17" windows laptop which will be competent to play most games out there at the moment. And is also known to be easy to dual boot with some flavour of linux

Budget is about $1000-$1600

Any ideas?

Edit: Keyboard needs to be good, trackpad will be replaced with a mouse. Does not need to come in a dual boot config as I can handle the linux install myself.

You're going to get a lot of back and forth here but at that price point I whole heartedly recommend the Lenovo Y510p WITH the SLI option.

The keyboard and trackpad on this stink, so as long as you buy a good usb gaming keyboard and gaming mouse you will be able to play almost anything at medium with 2xAA and most likely high 2xAA.

There are current youtube videos showing the latest Crysis, Skyrim, and BF running on ultra at 2xAA 50+fps

There is a "sale" for the top of the line model for $1300 leaving money in your budget for a fantastic keyboard/mouse.

PS: do NOT purchase any gaming laptop smaller than 14inches if you are using the primary display (i.e. not hooking up to an external display) and go NO LOWER than 19x10 on the resolution. Trust me on this.

Sucky keyboard is a no sale

when you say play most games out there at the moment, what level of details settings do you want?

Fairly high but not amazing top end, so gaming laptop quality Is probably not that necessary

Though just under your size specs, the 14" Alienware falls within your budget with the 765m and 1080p matte screen. It's a chunky mofo, though the build quality is pretty awesome. I've heard it's best to get it with Windows 7, however as Windows 8 doesn't seem to like Nvidia Optimus too much.

MSI's make good laptops I think. Built your own shops like Pro-Star, where I got mine, can give you a really good deal. I've got a laptop that can play most things at High levels and it cost me about $1200. I tend to sing ProStar's praise quite a bit, mostly because after doing days of research I fond them to be the best bang for the buck and they have good customer service.

So I'm in the market for an ultrabook, preferable with the new Haswell processor, and preferably with a touch screen. Do you all have any opinions on what's out there now or know of any upcoming releases to keep an eye on?

What's your budget and it's day to day expected use?

trueheart78 wrote:

What's your budget and it's day to day expected use?

My budget is around $1000. And my day to day use is mostly internet/office stuff, and lightish gaming.

EriktheRed wrote:
trueheart78 wrote:

What's your budget and it's day to day expected use?

My budget is around $1000. And my day to day use is mostly internet/office stuff, and lightish gaming.

To follow up, I ended up going with a Sony Vaio Pro 13 with a Haswell CPU. I grabbed it on NewEgg for $1,149 (with MIR) and it came with some low-end 7" Android tablet.

It pretty much came down to the Vaio or the Acer S7, but the Acer was ~$150 more expensive (albeit with more RAM). This video pretty much sold me on the Vaio though they are pretty comparable. Points in the Vaio's favor: better keyboard and trackpad, better color range, weighs less.

Once I get it I can answer any questions if people are curious.

I've got a HP Dv6-6c35DX. It's not the most powerful machine, but it runs most games competently, and it was a mere $500 at BB. I'm sure they have a more recent, Windows 8, model that is similar.

Oh, keep in mind that if you are going to dual boot....make sure the distro you want to run has full UEFI support. As of July 2013, not all do.

That Vaio seems pretty sweet.

For the record this decision was taken out of my hands and I was just bought a 15" Macbook Pro.

Arise, thread-that-is-still-warm ... !

I'm in the market for a non-Apple laptop, $500-ish range, for my soon-to-be-13-yr-old daughter who uses it largely for homework, Youtube, Skype and Netflix.

She's mostly using my wife's Think Pad, which is several years old but still runs like a champ.

The new one doesn't have to be fast -- just solid.

Any thoughts on brands/lines I should be looking at?

They should have some 13" - 14" laptops easily in that range with Core i5 or Core i7 processors (but integrated graphics) in the $400-500. They do charge sales tax, but shipping is usually free. Should be some Ideadpad U310s and u410s, which I've been eyeing myself if Ubuntu Touch for the Nexus 10 doesn't seem like it's going to pan out.