Anyone setup an Intel SRT? Your thoughts?

Need some computer advice that is a bit above my knowledge base. Any help appreciated.

My nieces and nephews have me on a pc build marathon and I was tinkering of the idea of
1) keeping samsung 840pro as boot drive
2) an Intel SRT setup with 64gb SSD for cache and at least a 2TB western digital black for storage.

If you are unfamiliar with what SRT is here is a link: In theory you turn your regular large capacity disk based hard drive into near SSD speed (basically a roll your own SSHD hybrid drive similar to what Seagate sells).

Here is a link on how to setup I found:

Will SRT work for new Haswell chipset /Z87 mobo's?
Specifically this one:

Will this work if I do multiple setups like the following:
a) ssd1 primary boot drive
b) ssd2 + hard drive 1 (primary storage)
c) ssd3 + hard drive 2 (mirror/backup in same system)
d) on and on

or this will only work with one paired ssd cache + hard drive per system?

Thanks ^^