LEGO Nostalgia

Tscott wrote:


Is Venom licking his own dick?

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Is Venom licking his own dick?

No, the tongue is actually spiraling out away from the body.

But, hey, this is Lego. If you pick up this set you can build it however you want to.


That looks cool but seems expensive.

LeapingGnome wrote:

That looks cool but seems expensive.

$100 but >1k pieces is pretty good. Also pretty good size as you can see in this video.

The price isn't that bad, it's right on par with the other expert vehicles they have released recently. Plus it's a pretty decent size.

I will be posting a couple of pictures later... but not only did I finish the Ghostbuster Firehouse, my brother bought me the light kit for it. How cow does it look awesome!

LEGO Minecraft The Chicken Coop is $12.99 on amazon. Down from $20.

Mega Construx came out with a $300 Castle Graysckull . Oh it is down to 222.56 on amazon. Hmmm maybe it has been out for awhile. I just found out about today.

Slightly off topic but does anyone know if there is a Playmobil equivalent to Bricklink? I have poked around a bit but havent come across anything.

Millennium Falcon from the solo movie is 50% off. Think it is only for prime members though. It doesn't have a prime day label so maybe it is for everybody but I found it doing a prime day search.

That over priced tie fighter is 30% off.

Yes! I have not bought any sets in a while but this might be a day 1 buy for me. It looks great.


Oh, that's neat.

Reminds me of the game ‘The Gardens Between.’

Is there a site on the Internet with plans for random fan-designed Lego sets?

Ever since I started doing Lego again I've really loved the Lego Architecture series. Notably the skyline series. I like their ability to take and represent buildings with minimal detail. I think there's something really clever and beautiful about. Notably, I can't stop thinking about this Vegas set.


I love the way the designer used clear blocks right together with colored blocks to represent windows. I really enjoy the baby blue roof of the one hotel.

Anyway, I'd like to play more with this design aesthetic. I think it would be fun to build a miniature city using this style. The San Francisco set has a hint of this on the far left with how they represent buildings.


I'd be curious to find plans for more of this design, specifically so I can know which pieces to buy from Bricklink.

Lots. Just search for "MOC instructions" or "MOC plans". MOC stands for "my own creation".

New Lego Disney train set.


@DSGamer I like rebrickable quite a lot. It lets you put in sets you have and then it can pop out other things you can make based on the pieces in those sets. The site does link to Bricklink too for parts.

I'm a big Technic fan, and I'm wondering what good set from the past few years would be worth picking up? I have the orange Porsche, the Rally Car from I think last year, and the Extreme Adventure with the tracks for "wheels". The Bugatti is a bit out of my price range right now, and that new 4x4 Off Roader doesn't excite me all that much (and doesn't have many pieces for the cost, even with the motorized stuff). Any suggestions for a really good Technic set with like at least 1500 pieces that does some neat things?

DSGamer, I like for moc designs. A huge number and variety there.

The hidden sets are out.

Are the new Star Wars sets for the past year or so really ugly or is just me?

I really enjoyed the 20th anniversary Star Wars sets.

Most I thought were terrible. I only bought the bounty hunter pack. I liked the solo falcon and hover car. Also dug the pod racer but I think that was reissue.

Lego just posted about the new minifigure series that will be available Sept. 1st. My main takeaway was that they've made Lego poop.


My lovely wife bought a new Subaru Outback today, and I spotted this in the dealerships trophy case:


No idea that that even existed!

Tscott wrote:

Lego just posted about the new minifigure series that will be available Sept. 1st. My main takeaway was that they've made Lego poop.