LEGO Nostalgia

lunchbox12682 wrote:

I still regret I didn't get the 4 ft long Super Star Destroyer when in a moment of weakness my wife said yes.

Similar tale here... Had it in my hands at Legoland FL. I was on vacation with my kids and my girlfriend (now wife) wasn't with us. Put it back on the shelf.

When I got home, she berated me for not buying it.

LeapingGnome wrote:

The dragon is cool, does it move with a crank?

we're working on the family dinner scene first, but I'll let you know once we open that one.

The family dinner scene looks awesome. I wish there were more sets like that. It's a shame those Chinese New Year sets weren't sold in North America. Enjoy those sets.

What? The Dragon is not available in the US? Seriously?

First set is done! Overall a very lovely build with a lot of nice visuals and a clever mechanic for the lazy Susan, but surprisingly LEGO made two mistakes in piece placement on the table settings that required rice bowls to be moved over a peg.


Just playing with legos trying to turn a dodge charger into the hell charger.


Finn just got out of a bacta tank so he is no help. Thinking about ripping it completely down and trying to add some hight to the body to clear ghost rider's flaming head. His flame head adds about two studs of hight to him. This is why there is currently a hole on top. I'm not sure how I'll do the flaming tires. Right now I just have trans orange hubcaps.

You need to grab the Ghostrider Minifigure!

...and selling them for absurdly high prices.

Yeah, those prices are ridiculous.

NathanialG wrote:

You need to grab the Ghostrider Minifigure!

Oh I bought that as soon as it came out.

I love making designed sets so much, but I have no idea how to sate my hobby at a reasonable price.

That Chinese set is incredible. I really dig sets that represent human spaces. Houses, restaurants, etc.

Looks like a Stranger Things set is coming out.
Upside down around around you turn me

The setup: I send a pic of the ST set to my girlfriend...

My girlfriend says, "Holy ****!"
And then, "That is a lot of pieces, would you build it for me?"

I love it when a plan comes together.