LEGO Nostalgia

Lego built a one to one scale Technic Bugatti Chiron and powered it with Lego power blocks, then handed it over to the Bugatti lead test driver for a spin. I mean... Over a million Technic pieces in the thing. Not fast, but beautiful.

Holy crap that is awesome but imagine being the people who built it and how tedious that must have been. I'd be interested in what is under the shell, how much of it was really lego. Like the structural parts, how did it connect to the wheels which weren't lego.

Pieces and labor, probably costs as much as a real Bugatti.

For a minute there I thought the narrator voice was Jeremy Clarkson

Axel wrote:

For a minute there I thought the narrator voice was Jeremy Clarkson

Eh, not enough patrician disdain or climate change denial (also it's way deeper).

The Winter Village this year is a Fire Station. I dig it.

Doesn’t do much for me and we almost always buy the winter sets. I wish they would stop including miscellaneous random small side things to up the piece counts in sets. I would much rather they spent the piece budget making the main thing better.

I like the truck, that's about it.

I saw this and yeah, blown away by how amazing these are!

Those are incredible! Amazingly well done.

Very cool! Reminds me of "Intercept Orbit," the tabletop spaceship combat war game played with Lego.

BlackSabre wrote:

I saw this and yeah, blown away by how amazing these are!

Those are the models from Tt's Lego: Homeworld game.

My Lego collection is now setup. About 1/3 of it is real, and the rest are knockoffs from aliexpress.


Microfighters and the Guardian's of the Galaxy along with their ship The Milano


The Avengers and Iron man armour


Various Marvel minifigs


DC minifigs, along with Game of Thrones (knockoff), and some misc ones I have


Knockoff Overwatch minifigures


Star Wars and knockoff Star Trek minifigs (along with the Batmobile in the background)


Great collection! I need to get some pictures of my display stuff soon!

I moc'd up a Hilda and Twig brickhead from the Graphic Novel/Netflix series


How does the quality of the aliexpress stuff compare to official legos?

1) Not as quality
2) Lego won a lawsuit against them recently
3)My opinion is not to buy Lepin stuff since they steal from Lego

I found the quality to be varying, it really depends on who you are trying to impress. I had some friends over a couple of weekends ago (none being die-hard Lego fans) and none could tell the difference between my real ones and knockoff ones (but I didn't ask them to take a super close look).

The same thing for my minifigs on my work desk, coworkers who stop by will sometimes look at them but none have noticed some are knockoffs (most of the time the reaction is "neat, is that a Lego Iron Man?")

If you have a close attention to detail (or friends who are AFOL) you'll notice the printing can be slightly off center or blurred (i've had situations where i bought a fig, the printing was off center so i bought a replacement and it was alright). You'll also sometimes notice little bit of extra plastic where they inject the mold (you'll see it in legit Lego, but not as pronounced as knockoff)

Yup, that's money in the bank for LEGO.

This all looks amazing but Rein looks a bit too big, kinda out of proportion from D.Va

Bastion damn well better be able to transform!


RIP Stan Lee

I thought the body that his minifig came with wasn't great so I decided to make him a badass and gave him SWAT armour.

Looks like the next big Technic car was revealed, and I'm kind of disappointed. It just looks like a simpler variation of the GT3 RS.


I like it more than the other porsche model.

In some ways, I do too, though it's smaller and less complex. But because I already own the orange one, I have no interest in getting a second Porsche. I guess we'll see what's next.

Some pictures of the Technic 2019 sets.

Maverick, some of the current large Technic sets look pretty good. I believe the forester has the v2 pneumatics, and the rough terrain crane looks interesting too...

If you can find the Mercedes AROCS, that's a fantastic, intricate build with several seperate systems running off of one gear set, and pneumatics as well. A very interesting build.

I'm not a huge fan of construction machinery and industrial equipment sets. I like the cars and boats and air vehicles mostly. I kept meaning to get the Coast Guard rescue helicopter, but I think I waited too long.