Playstation 4

I may just grab this soon, perhaps when my wife is out of town for a couple weeks in late Nov. who knows it may be captured in a thanksgiving/Black Friday/cyber Monday promo.

By the time I’ve played and finished GoW I’ll be ready to pick up Spider-Man at a reduced price point. All working to plan!

Since there's no dlc as far as I can tell, you can look for it used too.

New trailer for Man of Medan, seeming to have a "story-teller" character similar to what Until Dawn had. Perhaps a bit more "Tales From the Crypt" with the Crypt Keeper, though, given this is intended to be an anthology series. I'm curious if this project is going to be overly ambitious, or the intent of doing several smaller stories is to allow Super Massive to better realize the "butterfly effect" they wanted to go for with Until Dawn.

Regardless, I'm in for a new Halloween tradition.

That looks great!

And in addition, some days ago it looks like Twin Mirror gameplay premiered. Looks like whoever was in charge of the memory altercation of Remember Me at Dontnod is working on building an entire game around such stuff. This should fire me up as I really dug Remember Me despite its flaws, but some of those flaws were how linear and uninteresting those memory altercation segments turned out to be.

A game with fleshed out memory stuff, but without the bad combat? I'm in. The combat is what made me quit Remember Me.

I found the combat so tedious in Remember Me that I quit before I got to the first memory sequence. Which was annoying - I really liked the look and the world, and the story seemed more-than-halfway decent. is too short to pound your head against games that actively annoy you.

I love horror, I love anthology, I love Tales from the Crypt, and I love Until Dawn. I am so in on The Dark Pictures.

Every now and again Concrete Genie pops into my head and I check for a release date...

"Concrete Genie" sounds like a sidewalk cleaning product.

The lead character does use a magic mop to brighten up the streets

New catch-all since this one is long and not loading quite right now.