Magic: The Gathering (TCG) Catch-all

Fedaykin98 wrote:

I wouldn't feel a bit bad about proxying any expensive cards in a cube.

I don't have a problem with it, but I do like working with the restriction of using cards that I physically have. My cube is less about "I'm making a stock list/the best cards in Magic" and more about being a personal expression of my collection. I haven't had a Tarmogoyf in my cube largely because it's not really that good in a limited environment. I mean it's fine, but it's so low-impact that it isn't worth spending what it would take to buy one. But some of my players have asked if I can push a graveyard theme for a bit, so I'm planning to give it a try.

My wife and I swung by SCG Con yesterday afternoon. We spent some cash at the artist table on prints for our newly-renovated walls, and entered a 2-headed giant event. We went 3-0-1, which got us enough prize tickets for the Ravnica D&D book and a nice deck box. I was a little disappointed that there was only one panel area and it was in the corner of the main room. On the other hand they also didn't charge us anything just to walk in the door like a typical con would have. I hope all the folks in from out of town aren't too bored with the snow shutting everything down today. They're managing to stream the main tournament's top 8 and they're going to have the 10k cube draft event, but everything that isn't on stream today has apparently been canceled.

At any rate, when the weather cooperates it's actually a nice event. I would recommend checking out the next one to anyone in striking distance of Roanoke.

Boom! New Slivers!





Have any of you tried Card Sphere? It has a model I have never seen before where only sellers can initiate a sale. As a buyer you have to have a buy list with a % of what you are willing to pay relative to a market average of price. It's pretty cool and I don't see why it couldn't be used with other stuff (video games?. Anyway as a seller it lets you send multiple cards at once since it finds trades for you. I only entered like 200 cards and I found multiple 5+ card trades right away.

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That might be too much goodness, I'm not sure. Imagine what life will be like when we can draft again, go to FNM again, etc.!

Anyway, the whole stream today rocked my socks. I'm super excited for Forgotten Realms, Strixhaven, and Innistrad. I imagine I'll try it all, though.

I just realized something... the logos have some actual graphic design to them aside from the color. Ever since at least Dominaria the set logos have just been the set name in the Beleren font they use on the cards.

Mark Rosewater has said that the two Innistrad sets aren't going to give us an extra set in Standard; it just affects the timing. No word on whether that means, say, Forgotten Realms isn't going to be Standard legal, or if that means the schedule is changing in 2022.

Yeah, D&D not being Standard legal would seem to make some kind of sense, in that it's likely to attract new players, and is replacing a Core set.

For all the talk in the past about Core sets being lower-complexity on-ramps for new players, the cards in m20 and m21 aren't very vanilla. There's a lot going on, and it's all individual. In an expansion, there are just a couple mechanics to learn, and some of them are returning mechanics. I actually think they're easier to get your arms around than recent Core sets.

These Dual Faced Cards are rocking my world!

Anyone tried Spelltable? I've slowly been upgrading my tech for doing things remotely, and I finally got a webcam. Seems pretty easy.

Yeah Spelltable works surprisingly well. I just use my cellphone as the camera, and it recognizes the cards most of the time.

I've fooled with spelltable and the tech seems solid but I haven't been able to convince anyone else to give it a shot.

There's a huge Discord community that goes 24/7 for playing Commander on Spelltable.

Renji wrote:

Yeah Spelltable works surprisingly well. I just use my cellphone as the camera, and it recognizes the cards most of the time.

Did you use some kind of rig to get your webcam directly over your cards? Mine is at an angle from my monitor, and it only recognizes cards in a particular sweet spot.

There are tons of mounting arms on Amazon for $20-30, though. Could go that route.

I've got a shelf above my desk. I just laid my phone flat on that shelf with the camera bulge hanging just slightly over the edge, pointed down. I've seen other people do something similar with cardboard boxes and/or stacks of books. That was the best solution I found, and I have a few different cameras and tripods that I tried too. I can't speak to how well my phone battery would last through a full-blown Commander game, but it wouldn't be hard to run a charge cable up there.

I have a "temporary" contraption built from a trigger clamp, metal rods, zip ties, rolls of tape, and two xc ski poles

If any goodjers wanna try and get a commander night together, I'd be up for that.

I'm up for trying it. Spelltable and Discord? We can use the GWJ Discord channel if we like.

We should probably follow Rule 0 and discuss deck power levels beforehand.

I think my Nethroi deck is about a 6 on the EDH scale, and a Low on the Spelltable community scale. I don't think those two scales are very comparable. My deck has excellent mana but doesn't combo kill or anything like that. It only wins by attacking.

That would work for me. If I had to guess, my EDH decks probably range somewhere in the 5 through 8 on the Command Zone scale.

I too would be interested in a GWJ EDH game night. Spelltable works really well for everything that doesn't affect your board over an extended period, although I've found that infinitokens are convenient/quick mock-ups for this type of situation (like as creatures stolen with Control Magic or enchantments placed on permanents I control). They are also great for creating any tokens right away that I may not have handy (like an Ape token from an opponent's Pongify spell).
Unfortunately, I'm really bad about knowing how to rate my deck's power level. I think I have maybe one that could be cEDH, but then they range from sleeved prebuilt decks that I haven't prioritized for editing, to budget builds, to what I believe to be decently strong mid-tier decks.

If you register your deck on Moxfield, Archidect, or Scryfall, the mentors on the PlayEDH Discord will perform a ďeck check and tell you the perceived power level. They usually only accept deck check submissions on weekends, but last night a couple of them did an ad-hoc deck check on mine and confirmed that it was Low.

I *think* I'm going to try playing online tonight, unless I get insanely tired or something. Their LFG channels pair people around the clock.

Infinitokens are indeed rad as hell. I may have splurged and bought several packs of the things because I told myself I'd use them for game prototyping as well as Magic. That hasn't happened, but ut was still worth it for not feeling compelled to keep a token box organized.

I'd be up for trying this if I can figure out how to do the Spellbound thing. Haven't played seriously since Onslaught,

My EDH decks are precons from the last 6mo I've "upgraded" with ~$25 in singles, no dual lands, etc. So I'm probably below L5. Mostly just Lasagna Tier, if you're familiar with that concept.

Spelltable is dead simple. You log in with your Wizards ID and it uses your headset and webcam. The PlayEDH community uses their own Discord for chat, though, and we could use the GWJ Discord.

The only remotely tricky part of Spelltable is trying to get a decent view of your playmat with your webcam, and a well-lit one. I'm just pointing my webcam down at my playmat from atop my monitor (and Spelltable will flip the image for you if you like), but better setups use flexible arms to get the webcam straight over the playmat.

I found a pair of commons decks that I had stashed in a Catan box sometime between 97 and 99. They escaped my CCG purge of the early 2000s, so now i have:

  • A playset of revised Scryb Sprites and Orcish Oriflammes
  • A beat to hell Antiquities Grapeshot Catapult that i'm 100% sure i played with on the sidewalk at my high school
  • A 4ed Fissure and Giant Strength in German
  • Revised Llanowar Elves, Wild Growth, and Desert Twister which i really want to shove in my saprolings EDH deck now

Would folks like to target a date for when we could try this out?

I'd need to get a webcam and stand to point the camera top down on my cards but will likely make that purchase here in the next few days. I see in their FAQs it's "easy" to just use my phone but I've got no way to point it at my cards and I don't want to mess with logging in on my laptop and then again on my phone amd kludge it together. Blech.

I'd be able to do something on a weeknight after 8 PST.

Several people I know have some ...unique stands for their cameras. Before I got my Vorpal Board kit, I used pvc pipe and a clamp to hold my webcam in place. Another friend of mine straps his phone to the head of a desk lamp. Effective doesn't preclude creative.

As far as a time to schedule, I'm free and interested most weekdays after 3pm PST.

Mounting a cellphone might be hard, but using one as a webcam isn't. I used mine as a webcam for Roll20 sessions for month using the Droidcam app.

8pm PST would be too late for me, but if it works for others, don't let me stop you!

Most of the 'easy phone holder' comments i see are referring to something like this: IMAGE(

(artlicle here:

My schedule is pretty open. 8pm PST is on the late side, but I could fit a game or two in then.

I made a generalized When2Meet calendar to help schedule a time.

I can play this afternoon, any takers?

Thx for setting that up. Can't do this afternoon, work is crazy, but did order my webcam and arm. Should be here tomorrow.