World of Warships

The tier X American submarine has torpedoes that go 89 knots... Unmodified.

Also, USN sonar ping velocity is faster than German because sound travels faster in America.

Wow, that's some horsesh*t. Based on 2 minutes of Googling, the fastest WW2 torp that I saw went 40 knots, most about 29 knots.

I already have not paid for premium since late last year due to the CV balance stuff. Spending time in low and co-op to do reward stuff. I was just thinking about spending more time since the last rocket nerf but now this bs is going kill it for me again.

I signed in for the Christmas missions and got (so far) nine months of free premium, so I'm playing until that expires.

It's WoWs birthday time again soon which means supercontainers for playing tier X ships, so maybe I'll get some more premium from that and stick around a bit longer, but it does feel like WG don't have any idea about their own game.

I also quit playing when the CV changes went live. Subs makes me even less enthusiastic about coming back.

Yikes played some co-op and it is less fun for sure - nothing like wasting 6 mins of battle because a red ai sub is sailing around where no one can see it.

Don't know if anyone noticed, but there has been a mass exodus of WoWS CC over the last couple of days. LittleWhiteMouse, Flambass, iChase, MightyJingles and many more have quit. It doesn't look good for the WoWS community right now.

This doesn't cover everything, but touches on the reasons and the scale of the exodus.

TAZ89 wrote:

It doesn't look good for the WoWS community right now.

Honestly this is long overdue. Many of the CCs have become relentlessly negative towards Wargaming, and some have been downright toxic. It's probably better for everyone.

Wargaming's response is taking more than an entire day.


Which is funny as it'll almost certainly be "we're sorry if you were offended."