World of Warships

Edgar_Newt wrote:

Is it just me or are the airplane overpowered? Once I hit Tier IV, it felt like I spent more time trying to dodge planes than actual ship v ship combat.

Absolutely. After the carrier revamp they are totally overpowered, especially against DD's. At least previously they could run out of planes. They need to cut down the recharge rate of the planes, especially rocket planes. The fact that they can lose so many planes and keep flying them is crazy. Then you add in a second carrier and its a nightmare. It never stops they both hunt you the whole game. I've seen games on Youtube where one guys hoots down 100+ planes in one match.

I quit playing largely because of this.

Edgar_Newt wrote:

Is it just me or are the airplane overpowered? Once I hit Tier IV, it felt like I spent more time trying to dodge planes than actual ship v ship combat.

T4 carriers are strong only because a lot of T4 ships have poor or nonexistent AA. The planes are extremely fragile, slow, and slow to aim - any substantial AA will melt them. Your goal as a T4 ship faced with air attack is to force the miss or overshoot, then whittle away the planes as they try to circle around. In general, turn into plane attacks to make them overshoot or drop early, which is less effective.

As a DD, turn off your AA until the planes are close and force the overshoot, then use your priority sector as they try to come around again. If he goes wide, turn off your AA again to make him guess your precise position. Turn into rocket attacks to keep him overshooting. Bombers and torpedo planes are mostly not a threat to you - keep turning in bomber attacks and turn away from torpedo attacks to easily dodge them.

If you're going to use smoke to avoid air attack, smoke up when you see the planes coming and know they will spot you, but before they attack - it doesn't do any good to smoke up after the CV has already blasted you twice. Learn the rocket plane attack reticles, and don't set the CV up for a perfect attack - in general, US rocket planes are set up for side attacks and Japanese/British CVs are set up for front/rear attacks.

Don't rush the cap, which puts you in a predictable position that the CV will check as he scouts (CVs almost always launch rocket planes first, since they are fast and good scouts). If you avoid the two initial rocket plane runs, you'll last much longer in the match. Also try to position yourself so that a strong AA ship is behind you - this means that when the CV attacks, he'll be taking AA damage the entire time and will likely not be able to make a second pass or third pass.

No carriers on Xbox.

Funny how in Tanks artillery is OP and in Warships CVs are. Makes me think it's not a coincidence.

I dislike CVs but still actively play.

I don't think the problem is not knowing how to deal with CV's and shoot down planes as a DD. I think the problem is they are the game you end up forced to play to the detriment of the things you actually enjoy playing. I don't enjoy it.

Is there a GWJ Clan? I've hit the milestone that gives me access to clans. I still suck by the way, but continuing to have fun.

There is, but it's more-or-less inactive.

Random question -- to do operations with 4 or more folks, do you need to have at least one of each type -- Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer and Carrier? The requirement of tier VI or higher is the only requirement of which I am aware.

As far as I know, no - there aren't any constraints in the scenario on ship type. There are definitely scenarios where some ship types do not do well, but that's different.

Edit: there might be a limit of one CV - not sure.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Just a bump, subs are now in the game. If you have not played in awhile now is your chance to get in while it is new.

We've been playing a few nights a week in the "Trolls R Us" channel on the GWJ Discord. Please feel free to join us if you see us on.

I've had a couple of 7 kill games but got my first 8 kill one today! I rammed the last one to end the game but did not get the award


Did they find a way to make subs fun? I haven't played in a very long time, but it always seemed like it would be hard to implement subs in a way that is both fun for the people in the subs and for everybody else.

They aren't in the game just yet. Like CVs I'm sure it will just be a pain for those that don't play them.

Frack frack frack I dislike CVs so much.

Another quality update from War Gaming with the new Captain skills.

I'm deliberately nerfing the concealment on my Cruisers to abuse the reload buff when there are enemy in your normal detection range. So now at tier 8 there are Battleships with a 4km spotting advantage over my Hipper.

With a small additional boost from Adrenaline Rush you can get Hidenburg reload down under nine seconds.

I've really limited my play time since the CV rework and AA nerf and now skills rework makes things worse.

I actually played hundreds of co-op games at the end of the year to finish off some legendaries vice playing in random. Just popped into randoms at T5 with the GC every once in awhile.

On the plus side, they still didn't find a way to lever submarines into the game. Two + years after they were announced.

How to get reported.


One salvo, six hits, four citadels.

Never mind "plays poorly" and "misbehaviour in chat" there should be a report option that just says "the dispersion in this game is kinda bullsh*t and made me sad"

You could also use that report when you line someone up at 8km in the Bismarck and all your shells miss.

I just had the dumbest of Krakens.

I rolled out the PE Friedrich for no reason I can remember, pressed "W" at the start of the game then drove through the enemy line, sinking two battleships on the way, then both enemy CV and finally rammed a Dunkerque to seal the Kraken.

I got so far into the backline one of the CVs was killed by my secondaries.


I am still playing this with my brother every few nights (9 pmish Pacific). We are not good. But boy do we have fun as old farts that still want to try to be competitive.

That's midnight eastern so I may not be on a lot at that time, but if you want to add me in game send an invite to MrBismarck.

One of the free crates for Christmas had 180 days of Premium in it so it turns out I'll be playing again for the next few months.

Carriers have made it consoles on a test basis. The games have various numbers of bots in each team with one player as a carrier in each team. In my few games they mainly seem... irrelevant. The damage on plane attacks is very low and carriers were always in the bottom few for score. In cruisers and destroyers I play you can pretty much ignore them except in the odd occasion where the planes were spotting you. They don’t cap and they slow down the end game horribly as they inevitably retreat to the map edge on losing teams. Meh.

Just wait. As players get better prepare for your ship to be perma spotted. MAYBE they don't do as much damage as before but since they are quicker they can pretty much permanently harass your ship until you're dead. ESPECIALLY end game, Imagine being a ship low in health and you r team is behind and you need to cap or kill another ship. Now a CV is in the mix and it will spot you for other ships to shoot or it will harass you so you can't cap or die.

Then when you get to high tier matches you get CVs where their AP dive bombs will nail you for half a cruisers health.

Yes, I've heard the griping on PC WoW.

I wonder if they are holding back on the effectiveness so there isn't too much squeaking when it's in the main game. Spotting in a plane it seemed you had to be well within the AA range before a cruiser would pop up and you don't last long.

I've not looked at any dedicated forums to see the reaction yet.

Maybe they have not brought AA down to what it is on PC. AA does not help much. Even the best of the best AA ships planes are going to get a pass or two on you.

It has begun...