Rock on the Range - Columbus OH - 2013 Recap

You know...figured I did this a few years ago, so would do it, knowing that gamers do love them some good tunes. Wish I'd checked, as if any goodjers were going - so if you did, then let me know and we'll share a drink next year? My recap of the weekend...for any willing to read.

-- Day 1 Kat, Clay and Homer Lineup

Hollywood Undead – Awesome start to the weekend. Great performance and energy really set the tone. Can’t say enough, and think we are going Saturday to Louisville to see them again if anyone wants to join us! (Kat is certain she’ll be healed enough to take to the air to crown surf again…I think…)
Buckcherry – Ok, I really like their songs, and were a mainstay when in Iraq…but live…well…mehhhhhh. Really lacked energy after the Hollywood Undead opening had me fired up. Kat doesn’t like them, and this did nothing to help. Just felt like going through the motions…Off my ‘go to live’ list…
Oleander – Kat(my wife) loves em, and went over the Jager stage, worked up close. Really good and enjoyed the heck out of them.
Cheap Trick – You know, think I’ve prob seen them 7 or 8 times dating back to Ga Tech days. Not really the right venue. Still rocking, but just not the right vibe. God Bless em though for still being up there rocking.
Korn – Kat and Homer were all over this – as in love with them. I’m a heretic…Korn just does nothing for me. A comment was made they were like the most successful band ever in terms of hits and such…but my discussion of the Beatles and Eagles and CCR and Zeppelin, etc…helped saner heads prevail…haha. Gotta love the effects of alcohol…haha. Again, love hard rock, but Korn just isn’t my cup…

Day rating: Hollywood Undead and Oleander were fantastic…the rest…mehhhhh…

-- Day 2 Kat, Clay and Homer

All That Remains – enjoyed them…early set…so just got me warmed up for the day. Pre-gamed hard this day…and was ready for the masses (and I mean hard...)!
Halestorm – ok…given the simple basics…lead singer is one hot badass guitarists…I admit it…but their drummer, her brother I’m informed, in his red hair, just rocked the hell out of the drums. Again, another great start to a day, and a band that I just loved, from their music to their vibe…had the crowd rocking.
Bullet for my Valentine – Pushed way up front, but realized out of drinks…and went to the Comedy Tent, where they had mixed drinks. Got back in, and they rocked and had the crowd going…Good stuff…
Papa Roach – Pushed back up towards the front for them…watched the whole set, and I’m a huge fan now. Great music and taped the heck out of them.
Three Days Grace – Day just kept getting better…great set, and the day just kept getting hotter and better…Liked the heck out of their set…crowd was awesome for them. Worked my way deep into the crowd…with a dude named Aaron – Kat and crowd disappeared, and we found them somewhere on the other side in the Stone Sour set… Think I got way down front for them…lost the wife and homer, but apparently they were near me…or at least as Kat and Kristin surfed by me down front – several times I’m told…
Stone Sour – Awesome set – don’t know if the crowd surfing ever stopped during the set…seemed non-stop – as we pushed deep down – think made it the furthest in on this one…probably on the right front in row 2 or 3… But note..the first 8 rows are really about 2 rows…as the mass of humanity pushes in a wave in…and then back out (breath…and hold on) and then in again. Aaron’s bud, big dude…loved to create a mosh pit everywhere he went. That ain’t easy down front…just no damned room to create a pit… I’m just sayin’…
Smashing Pumpkins – and the world came crashing down… I can honestly say I’ve never seen the wife this upset…I think, she honestly would have killed Billy Corgan if he came near her. His arrogance and set choice had her seething…I think she was ticked off until 1 AM in the morning, and Brock apparently shared the feeling. Why – his choice of a lot of new music really ticked off some folks…that’s all I’ll say…and his arrogance in his monologue.

Day Rating – I dare you…any of you – ask my wife if you see her how she liked Smashing Pumpkins…wait, first, buy her a shot, then ask. Seriously…when you get punched, yeah, I’ll be the one in the corner laughing…
Also corrected my previous day dilemma, since I’m the DD, as I was able to pre-game heavy in the parking lot! And I did…
That said..Papa Roach and Halestorm stood out for me…Great sets and energy and fun deepdeepdeep in the crowd on Stone Sour and Three Days Grace.
Would have liked to see Asking Alexandria and A day to Remember…just didn’t happen

-- Day 3 Kat, Clay and Homer

Largely unable to move much in the morning…feeling the effects of the crush of tens of thousands of folks pushing in on you deep in the crowd. You are either trying to avoid a random mosh pit, or you are tossing folks over you as they pass by. My lesson for the day…just take your glasses off, as they got kicked off about 5 times before I just decided to be blind in the crowd…haha…
Took a long shower…think I told the hotel to burn the sheets, as the nasty sweat from the night before probably will never wash off…haha…
Side Note…they have Tim Horton’s all over Columbus…SWEET. Kat thought I was crazy when I jammed on my brakes in the middle of the road, pulled over and asked her to run in for me Sat morning…then, we walked to one Sunday morning…and she understood my passion. Love me some timmy’s!!!
Got in a bit earlier today, minimized the pre-gaming in the parking lot, so we wanted to hear the end of the set of Sick Puppies as we walked in – didn’t make it though. Went over to the main, passing by O’Brother on the Jager stage. Liked their sound..wish I’d heard more.

Sevendust – on main stage…it was getting hot, as the rain kept holding off. Loud as hell…ok, might have been a bit louder…but great energy to start the day off. Really enjoyed them. Again, VERY heavy metal hear, but I use this as my ‘see’ moment. Really liked Sevendust…still, really not a Korn fan…
Red – walked over to the PBR stage. Ok, this is stage TWO in effect, and it was the first time we’d made it over there. Listened to the set as we enjoyed the veggie stir fry noodles (awesome….) the free beef jerky (awesome…) and the free cigars… Red was good, but didn’t get up in the crowd to feel the vibe much…I mean…come on…good food won that early afternoon battle…
Steel Panther – I mean, its David Lee Roth meets Poison with a bit of ‘how raunchy can we be’. Guess they don’t take themselves seriously, so it was good fun…sat way back in the bleachers, relaxing as the day went on.
Skillet – our first ‘push’ of the day – getting down mid way on the left side. My daughter liked Skillet, and I, again, fell in love with the drummer (awesome and a haunting, distinct voice) and the guitarist/keyboard/lights and sounds multi-tasking middle aged woman…hot and how can you not love the skills she put on. Enjoyed the hell out of their set with the violin and cello and the whole performance. Count me as a monster now, as I’m a fan. I mean, really enjoyed their set…Crowd was still trickling in, as I saw a LOT of crowd surfers go down in certain pockets where folks just didn’t crowd in enough. Great show…I’d pay to see them.
Volbeat – quick drink break and worked to the right – Was more a setup for upcoming sets, and my old body was feeling worn down. That said, and I know Homer loved them…I really liked Volbeat. Great jams, music and just worked the crowd well. Got into it midset…so would love to see a full set of them.
Bush – worked deep down, and pushed up right against the inside rail prob 10 ‘rows’ back – prepositioned well…as this was the best set of the day..easily, if not the weekend. Great music, set, and they worked the crowd perfectly. Gavin went on a walkabout on one song on the left side…and the crowd loved it. Have to say this set had the most women sitting on shoulders that I saw…and as Kat pointed out, he asked the crowd’s permission to do a new song or two. Fantastic set…Best of the weekend…and I think I was about ready to go after this set…was just so good to end on that positive note.
Worked out way out…would have liked to go to PBR for Lamb of God, but couldn’t make it. Got a breath of fresh air, and came back in for Alice in Chains.
Alice in Chains – one of the two final killer bands in the lineup, but really had spent my remaining capital energy on Bush. Enjoyed the set from mid-range in the crowd. Ended with some killer songs…
Soundgarden – the group left me solo – so had to work my way through the crowd…deep in, to get to the folks down front. By the time I made it, can’t say I was in any form to enjoy them. Folks just don’t take kindly to folks trying to work their way in after they are positioned where they want…and it gets…brutal… Young enough to handle being down front…too old to work my way through 30,000 folks to all set in place for the final band of the weekend. Left mid set…to beat the traffic…

And arrived back home about 2 AM…and ready for work at 6 (slept REALLY well Monday night…haha)
Day Rating – Bush, hands down, was the best…with Skillet coming in at number two. Volbeat and Sevendust were great, as was Alice in Chains and Soundgarden…

Pre-game to save money…but bring your own – most package stores there have 42 proof liquor…so…hmmm…
Comedy Tent…comedy wasn’t the focus…BUT…the only place not selling $8 beers…(that is robbery…) or $10 Jager shots…(no thanks) was the $10 for a double drinks here…vodka, morgan, jack…etc… Lines weren’t horrid…but I’m convinced most folks didn’t know about this…or it would have been insane.
Anger Management – you will see fights…it’s just an angry crowd…BUT, they take care of folks…helping them quickly get out of the crowd if too hot, and really trying their best to not drop folks surfing…KNOW your limits…and know how to get out of a crowd quick… and you’ll love the weekend…
One little girl..prob 5 or 6 was sitting on her dad’s shoulders, horns and hands going strong…was cute as heck…but, not sure I would take my daughter into the lair down there…that said, they hung back to avoid the crush and crowd surfers, and Kat wants our kids to enjoy this…haha.
Boobs…yeah, there will be a ton on display – if that offends you, this concert isn’t right for you – its just the crowd – mosh pits, crowd surfing, boobs… (I know, this thread is nothing without pics...just have to get them all off my cameras...and mark this

Hope to see folks there next year to join us…and remember, it’s all about pacing…drink water after every alcoholic drink, and make sure you have a DD, or be smarter, and book the near hotel to walk in/out. Brilliant!...

I was there

Was my first year to this one and was frustrated to see that people completely ignored the repeated rules of what stuff wasnt allowed to bring in. Me and my buddy have a bit of system for festivals to pack in a single backpack that we'd swap carrying or split among cargo short pockets, but due to the emails talking about enforcing the rules we took nothing but our phones. Frustrating to see camelbaks, backpacks, and cameras on just about everyone.

My band highlights for the 3 days


Love & Death - new to me but energetic set. decent way to get started
Hollywood Undead - Easily stole the show early.
Oleander - short set sadly... 3 new stuff and 3 old ones
Buckcherry - wimped the f*ck out and only played wimpy radio hits. I've seen these guys probably 20 times or more since first seeing them in Atlanta on the upcoming stage for the Midtown Festival and it was sad knowing they could've just tore that place up.

I'm old enough to appreciate and like Cheap Trick but while their newish album has a couple decent tracks they just were out of place there.

Korn - while i'm not a fan of their newer stuff the old stuff puts a smile on my face and damn they were tight.


Walked onto the floor area just as the first chord of Pop-Evil started. Was a great way to start the day. fun show and for the first one of the day good energy.

Otherwise - We got up front and paid the price, but f*ck did these guys do a great energetic show. Just too short.
Halestorm - Lead singer is so damn hot. Good show but watched from the stands while recuperating from Otherwise.
Bullet for my Valentine - They had the crowd going crazy, but i only knew like 2 of their songs. They played well.
Papa Roach - Another great show by these guys. I've seen them so many times now though. Still had the crowd going nuts.
Clutch - One of the main reasons i wanted to go. Amazing set, but just too damn short. Another 3 old and 3 new song set on the side stage.

My buddy isnt a fan of Clutch at all and went and saved a 2nd row seat for me at teh comedy and went there after Clutch. We both seen 3 days grace a handful of times so didnt mind missing them and he's apparently a huge fan of one of the comics there. Was a nice diversion. Actually some funny sh*t.

Stone Sour - Amazing set. Im not sure if Cory Taylor can do any wrong when it comes to music. Well i say that but im not a fan of their vol 2 of their last 2 album set. Still for a live performance. Rock solid and damn was the crowd going nuts!

Smashing Pumpkins - Everyone has been making a big deal about Corigan being arrogant, but he's been an arrogant prick for over 20 years now. This isnt something new. I was worried about them being able to pull off coming on after Stone Sour's amazing set, but they seriously came out rocking. I also knew they were going to play some new stuff (im not a fan of their new album at all) but all their old stuff was super tight and fun and for personal reason the timing they had pulling off the Major Tom cover was brilliant.


Damn i'm old...

Sick Puppies - They're relatively new act and didnt care to see them up close and knew it was going to be a long painful day down near the stage so started in the stands for this one. Almost got in a fight because i had sat down in someones non reserved seat while he was taking a piss. Thought it was going to come to blows when near the end of the set he started to sing at me about his fist hitting my face and i blew a kiss at him and winked. His buddy and girl friend had to pull him away.

Sevendust - i LOVE these guys. Got up to about 10 deep and hung out there and ended up protecting some of these very tiny girls. They were maybe 5 years or so younger but tallest one was like 5'. Blazin set. Still managed to get a bit manhandled during that one. They had the crowd going even with it being so early.

Steel Panther - They're hilariously campy, but damn they can play too! Was fun show.

Thousand Foot Crutch - Side stage act and again too short, but damn that place was crowded. The 3rd stage, but they should've been on the other side with the bigger area with the crowd they had. Solid show. It did make us hope out loud that either of us arent randomly drug tested any time soon. We were essentially standing in a cloud of pot smoke since had people on 3 sides of us going to town.

In This Moment - only caught part of the act. I'm not a fan of their last album and my friend not at all. Figured this would be a good time to eat.

Skillet - Was impressed they brought a violinist and celloist along with them on tour. Great show. First time seeing them live. Was impressed. Stepped out to the stands to recover some and managed to find some good seats and while wanting to get down on the floor for VolBeat was just worn out and wanted to save ourselves for Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Not to mention get on the side without the sun. All stages were pointed north and our left side were becoming crispy.

Volbeat - Kept wishing i was down and close through the entire set. Brilliant. I love these guys. Was interesting though that he seems to have a stronger accent while singing than when talking.

Bush - Came out blasting. Brilliant set. They did a cover of Come Together and came through the crowd and was close enough to touch him. My buddy is going to get some sh*t from his wife on this one. She adores Gavin and my buddy went to record him coming through he double tapped his phone so got like only .5 seconds of it. lol

Alice in Chains - Another favorite of mine and another Brilliant set. It was interesting seeing the crowd's reaction to their songs. Seemed like the majority (younger) folks dug the newer stuff more, but when it got to Would the entire place errupted. Their new lead singer has got his stuff down tight now. Has been fun watching him grow into that role over the years.

Soundgarden - Lasted just a couple songs and then went to the stands. Completly drained and exhausted. Buddy asked me near the end if i was ready to go and i told him only thing i was interested in hearing was Spoonman and Black Hole Sun and that ended up being the very next 2 songs played. After that we called it quits and went to this amazing 24hr pizza joint to recover a little then crashed for the night and drove back the next day all rested. lol We're too damn old now to do all that and attempt to drive back.

Favorites for the whole weekend:
Hollywood Undead
Stone Sour
Alice in Chains

Seems by your description we bumped into each other a time or three! And I was in the comedy tent a ton...for drinks. Like the roundup and will see ya for a beer next year! Seems we have a similar taste (again, you read my notes...i didn't say I didn't like the Pumpkins...but if I say I do, she'll beat me...hard...haha).

Yeah, Hollywood Undead are in Louisville this going there. Really liked the hell out of them, and considered them my opener, with Bush as my closer. I know where you all sat, as i watch his path when we went into the crowd.

Ditto on Volbeat...who knew, but they were great. Was scared of being down front on Sevendust...and that ain't well done! haha

Ditto on rest have to save that energy to burrow deep...had the three ladies with me, and only two of us gents, so it does make it a bit easier as folks tend to let them roll on...ya know?

I'll have to check out Clutch
Yeah, my wife got stopped on day two with her camelback...walked back to the car with it, as I stood and watched every other person let folks through with backpacks galore...sigh

Let her read this...she really wanted to see Clutch...just didn't happen. And also, saw Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) - she is wearing the shirt at dinner, so that says how she...and I liked them!