GeoGuessr Guess-All




1. Took a while to get to a non-blurry area. Found a main street, not much in the way of clues until I found a store called "Atlanta Music". Running out of time, so dropped my pin near Atlanta, worked out fairly well.
2. Ok, nowhere close there. Found a lot of references to China, so put my pin near HK when I ran out of time.
3. Only 2 countries off. I'm pretty rusty on this!
4. I found a sign with a .jp domain, so at least I was in the right country!
5. Did pretty well! Road signs in the shape of the state are a big help :-)

Arise! A new challenge, 4-minute clock:



1. It is always Sicily when I guess the boot...Not this time
2. Figured out the city fairly quickly, had trouble identifying the neighborhood
3. Was amazed after clicking forever to find a clue that told me exactly where I was
4. Usually the languages up there make it pretty clear which country you're in....
5. Terrible image quality. Your guess is as good (or almost certainly better) as mine.

I was doing so well... but it fell apart with the endless featureless roads of hell (and then another one but at much lower resolution!)


19727. Thank goodness for road signs. Also screw that last one with the crappy resolution!

19626! I gambled and went the wrong way on one, lots of nothing on a straight straight road. Really lucked out on the last one and stumbled onto a highway with a better resolution.


The mexico one was brutal, I was torn between Mexico and Brazil, and didn't find anything as far as a hint because I went in the opposite direction of where the town was. Luckily I went with my gut and picked somewhere in Mexico.
Finland was a treat because it reminded me of my time in My Summer Car, which led me to picking Finland.
Michigan I'm bummed because I got the highway number and ran out of time trying to find it. I was up on the index finger, and the point was on the thumb.

Another one for a rainy Tuesday:



1. Yay roadcuts. Whoa, I thought I was really lost and then finally found a clue that got me within 500yds
2. Very difficult to navigate this city. I figured out the country, but picked the wrong end of it. Somehow ended up inside a beautiful old church.
3. Road of death. Still found a few clues that got me within 25 miles.
4. Incredibly beautiful! Rainbows! Unfortunately not enough solid leads for me to pinpoint inside of 150 miles
5. As soon as I see Cyrillic I know it is going to be a crapshoot. But within 165 miles is pretty good for Russia for me.


Just got into this thanks to a post up on Dubious Quality - thanks Bill!

I've been playing "Classic" "world" mode. Usually do quite well (i.e. end up guessing within a few hundred feet) but got stuck last night. It was somewhere in Greece but could search Google Maps because I couldn't type in the Greek alphabet. I tried a couple of signs using laborious cut 'n' paste letters but nothing came up.

There's something cool about going down roads looking at signs for something searchable, all while trying to remember the route you took in order to back track once you find yourself!

Haven't actually played in a while but it's always nice to get that little window on the world. But I was actually just thinking about the game too because there was a very fun co-op speed-run (yes, there is a speed-running community) that they just did at AGDQ. There was also a good solo one from last year.