Vancouver Catch-All

Since it's already Saturday, let's do Sunday 11am at the Stormcrow Alehouse!
So far I think it's at least me(eebs), 3or4monsters, Axel, and Muttonchop. Hopefully I can hit up a few more folks today

Keep it up with the shots until someone rolls a crit!

Oops 11am is when they open so see you at 11!

Hey peoples,

Hope you’re all staying safe.

I may or may not be returning to Vancouver in August, depending on a wide range of factors, but I wanted to pop in and say hi!





Yeah I just checked and it’s slightly better in Abbotsford. My four year old is talking about how smoky it is outside.

Perfect day to go for a brisk jog. Remember to take very deep breaths.

Who here has burst into flames yet?

Axel wrote:

Who here has burst into flames yet?

It reached 47 in Abbotsford yesterday. Myself, wife, and 2 kids (2 & 5) have been hiding in the basement of our 3 floor townhouse. Even the main floor is unlivable. The basement has a full bathroom, living room, and spare bedroom/office so it's decently comfortable. The hard part is the kids have been trapped in the house for 4 straight days. Luckily, when we bought this place I convinced the previous owners to leave the portable window AC unit. It's currently setup in our bedroom, we've banished our daughter's room to hell, opened the door to our son's room, and taped up a cheap shower curtain in the hallway so just the little hallway, our bedroom, and our son's room is cooled off a bit by bedtime.

My place does have AC, but even with that it's not been great (the AC is not particularly strong), though that is with ~38 peak. I can't imagine 47.

*pours one out for the Stormcrow(s)*

Sad news, we had a lot of good times there.

Yeah, definitely sad. RIGHT before the pandemic my company had a staff dinner party there and you could order anything you wanted for food/drink (within reason) on the company card. I ended up getting a drink that came with a Stormcrow mug as a souvenir


Are there any nerd/gamer places left? Since the pandemic started I haven't been out as much as I used to so I have no idea what's out there anymore. Lol I'm learning a bunch of places I used to go to pre-pandemic are now gone forever...

Are people still around? I know it's been a bit since we organized something (e.g a couple years), but I curious if there was any interest in a meetup this spring/summer.

Anybody still in contact with Vancouver GWJ'ers outside of this thread?

Being in Abbotsford and with two little kids has made it difficult to do anything with you peeps in the last 5 years.

Well, I haven't been on the forums in 5 years at least, but managed to randomly stumble back here.
I don't live in Vancouver anymore, moved back to the island, but nice to see people still bumping this thread here and there.

Heat Dome 2: Electric Boogaloo