Vancouver Catch-All

Looks like Thai basil on commercial at 8, let me know if folks want to go so we know how many seats we need

I must say your city is spectacularly beautiful! It's so nice to visit in the summertime. We're up at Whistler right now, but are heading back.

The wife and I had a lovely afternoon testing board games (for several hours completely free, OMG!) at One Stop Shop in that downtown mall. Anyone have experience with Pizza Ludica or another board game cafe? We're thinking of organizing an outing for younger cousins to introduce their families to the hobby.

My favourite by far is Stormcrow Alehouse on West Broadway near Granville. I haven't been in a while but i remember it gets crazy busy, especially on weekends.

Axel wrote:

My favourite by far is Stormcrow Alehouse on West Broadway near Granville. I haven't been in a while but i remember it gets crazy busy, especially on weekends.

I'd initially thought to mention that but then wasn't sure if "younger cousins"/"families" meant that as a bar, age would be a problem.

I could be wrong, but I think i've seen families with children there before, but it may have been around lunchtime.

I know certain liquor licenses allow underaged people under certain conditions (e.g before a certain time of the day)

Cool! Thanks for the recommendation.

Stormcrow allows children. Call just be sure but it’s been family friendly in the past.

Almost every place that isn’t a bar is family friendly. You can take kids to breweries/tasting rooms and it’s fine as long as you are watching them.

Saturday October 19th is International Gamers With Jobs Day!

I was wondering if you folks wanted to come out to my apartment in NW and play boardgames and eat food and watch she-ra with me? You're welcome to chill and hang out all day if you want to. I will be up from 6am onward. However, if we want a good start time, we could do 12p-10pm or whatever works for folks.

Disclaimer: I will be participating in the twitch stream throughout the day. I've got 5-7pm blocked off to do the conference call, chatter is cool during this time just no yellin,' please. birds will be away.

Game Systems I Have: Switch, PS4
Boardgames: lots

I want to get at least enough people for a few rounds of jackbox!

Man, I really want to come but I’m not sure I can what with a newborn and toddler at home. I’ll talk to the wife and see if there’s something we could swing.

My schedule is a little up in the air but I would be definitely be into that.

Sounds fun! That's kind of a busy week for me but I'll try to make time for it.

juv3nal wrote:

My schedule is a little up in the air but I would be definitely be into that.

I’m in a similar situation I’d like to do something with goojers for IGWJD but I may be travelling for work that weekend.

Bumping this for a few reasons!

1) Looking to give away some boardgames
2) I'm likely moving in a few months and want to see as many of you as I can before I do!

I should be able to make it. So far it doesn't seem like there is anything on my family schedule. Will have to confirm closer to the date though.

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it.
I'm moving into a new place on the 17th so things are a bit chaotic next week but barring any major catastrophes I will be there!

Ahh great it's been a while it will be good to see you again!

I think I'm getting sick. I will keep you posted, but it's not looking great. Might have to cancel.
If at the last minute that happens, please go have a beer in my honor <3

oh noes! feel better!

Oh no! Feel better Amanda! I’m looking forward to meeting you and other GWJers! If you’re under the weather I will definitely bring my switch to a pub and have a drink in honour of You and this fantastic community.


I'm still fighting off some kind of bug, so it'd be best if everyone kept away, so no plans at my place.
I'll still be streaming from home on the 19th!

Should we look into planning something maybe the weekend of the 26th, locally?

That's too bad, take care!

I'd be up for something next weekend.

Happy Gamers With Jobs Day everyone!
So many days when I was low, the GWJ podcasters were in my ear, making me laugh and pushing my love of video games into new and exciting dimensions of the medium. THANK YOU everyone but especially you Amanda for allowing yourself to be vulnerable by sharing so much of your self with us and also so resilient for taking on a leadership role at GWJ. Also a special thank you to Shawn Andrich for being the first other Buddhist Gamer I have heard of and being so effing relatable and hilarious. I am so proud of his new direction.

I want to be more active in this beautiful community and I would love to get coffee/drinks/brunch/dinner with anyone in Vancouver especially if we can also play video games!

Peace and Love

Hello folks! What does your sunday Oct 27th looking like??
I'm thinking we should do a Stormcrow.

I'm open to brunch OR elevensies OR lunch OR dinner!

I work sundays.

I'll be free for anything all day. If we go to Stormcrow, I'd suggest brunch/lunch though since from my understanding dinner is packed.

I'm also potentially open to Saturday mornings, too?
I'm going to bring as many games as I'm willing to give away, and you folks will get first pick of what's available. Whatever you folks don't take, I'll be donating to the stormcrow

I could do Saturday morning, but if there's a quorum for whom sunday works better, don't shift on my account.

Sat I got something in the evening but i should be good for morning also

I'm definitely free on Sunday, possibly Saturday as well