Vancouver Catch-All

eyyy, stuff happens.

So what is the plan, frens?

Lets all go see into the spiderverse together!!

Hey folks. I am the free-est on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th.

Spiderverse sounds good. I would also like to do food or drinks if possible.

Yeah, that windstorm was something. We were without power for 36 hours, my parents for like 3 days.
I had some tree tops break off and land about 15 feet from me.

Hoping I might be able to do the 30th, but not sure.

I could definitely do a thing on the 30th, possibly free on the 29th

I'm not off work until 7:30pm Sunday, or 8:30 Saturday. Ah well.

Off at 5pm new years eve, off all day Jan 1st

I'm off new years day also! New years eve is a bit iffy, slight chance i might have family stuff but not sure yet.

I’d be up for something on the afternoon of New Year’s Day. Evening of Jan 1st is spoken for though.

I'm free all day on the 1st

So, hungover at the movies then?

grab lunch then go see the movie? Which is easiest for you guys? Downtown? Metro?

How about the Scotiabank Theatre Downtown?

Spider-Man @ 12:15 / 12:45 / 3:15 / 3:50

I would also consider the Cineplex at Marine Dr, but I think it’s less central of a location.

I was thinking meet at around 12-1 for lunch, then see the movie?

Sounds good me to me, I'll be DT around noon. DM me the best number to message you on. I have a number you gave me a couple of years ago but I bet you've changed it since moving.

Axel we should convert everyone to our WhatsApp lifestyle!

Noon downtown works for me.

Noon-thirtyish downtown it is!

So I was thinking Steamworks Waterfront or thereabouts for lunch, but I’m open to suggestions.

I'm at the Starbucks next to the Scotiabank Theatre already? I can walk anywhere. Did you get my text?

Amoebic wrote:

I'm at the Starbucks next to the Scotiabank Theatre already? I can walk anywhere. Did you get my text?

I didn’t. Having a few issues with this carrier to be honest.

Should we meet at Scotiabank?

Me and Amoebic are sitting outside the theatre

Did you all find each other?

Vector wrote:

Did you all find each other?

We did!

Hope you guys had fun! I wasn't able to make it over as we had more Christmasy family stuff to do.

Wizkid's in town, any of you fine folks potentially available this Friday (14th) evening?

I'm free Friday evening

Nicole and I were planning on coming over on Friday and staying the night to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I'll see how our availability is if we can come hang out!

If you can...I would love to see you both! It's been so long!!

All: I'm not able to access my phone while at work (11-6) so I will check in after 6 to see what folks are ready to do