Vancouver Catch-All

Weekends are good for me, most weekday evenings are good too.

I'm in. I don't have any major plans this weekend so any time/place works for me.

Darn. I am all booked up for this weekend.

Since we have a civic holiday on August 5th, is anyone interested in eating out or boardgaming this weekend? Post when you're available, and if you have any suggestions. Let's make this happen!

I'm free from Fri-Sun, but I can't do much on Monday.

St. Augustine's
Pros: Features 40+ beers that rotate on a regular basis. Can't vouch for the food 'cause I never order any.
Cons: Table space is limited. Don't know how well they can accommodate a larger group.

I missed it last time, but it looked pretty good.

There are also a bunch of places by Waterfront Station, which is pretty convenient for those of us who take public transit. The Rogue Wetbar is but one option.

UPDATE: Looks like we're aiming for Saturday or Sunday. Hope more people can make it!

I work both but am within 2 mins/15 mins of the rogue depending on the day.

Amoebic wrote:

I work both but am within 2 mins/15 mins of the rogue depending on the day.

I'm leaning toward a meal and some quick tabletop (CAH or better) at the restaurant/pub. If you aren't working late evenings, c'mon down!

You guys sort out what works the best for you and I'll see if I can find room for it.

I work until 8 on saturday and 7 on sunday, so yeah, I'll drop by if you guys are still around if it's not too far away.

Drat. Because of that sudden rain we had I may have a cold. Will see how I feel sunday morning.

Wish we could make it over from the island, but have a family dinner that night.

Cool! I'll probably be there closer to 7:30 if I get stragglers/tourists at close. It's Pride/long weekend so I can't reasonably predict if it'll be business as usual or crazy busy.

I won't be able to make it y'all. Have a rad time though.

I'll be there. I can bring some small card games too, attendance/table-stickiness permitting.

Didn't see this until DeadMonkeys pointed it out to me. I have been away from the forums a bit due to BUSY(same reason Risk night hasn't moved forward).

Unfortunately/Fortunately, I'll be in Seattle tomorrow for MC Chris' Nerd Tour! So I'll have to pass. I'll try to get back on here so we can set up Risk night when I've got more free time again, which is probably September.

Hope you guys have a killer weekend.

It's pride! PRIDE!

Not feeling so good today. Cold has cleared but I still feel very fatigued, so I'll sit this one out. I'll catch the next one.

I'm still up for hosting the Risk game btw.

I'm running behind schedule but I'll be there!

Also running behind - customer showed up 2 minutes to close and wants to try on a dozen things. hooray.

On my way back to Canadur. How was the meetup?

Chaz and I drank too much and now we feel crappy. Played Love Letters and CAH and IT WAS GOOD. Gravey and Muttonchop maintained their respectability, although Gravey was as the table's most terrible person.

Hope you make it next time!

Was I the most terrible, or just the most adept at divining what awfulness the rest of you would enjoy most?

Gravey was the table's most conniving person!

GWJ Vancouver Last-Minute-Palooza

Where: Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar (Gastown)
The website is down(!): It's at 601 W Cordova St, Vancouver
When: Sunday, August 4th @ 7pm
Why: Because.

Last minute people welcome! Just pop a quick post in the thread if you can!

Sorry guys... wife changed plans on me the last minute. She was supposed to run off with some friends for PRIDE festivities, but instead she had plans for us.

out of town labour day weekend =(

Me too. Weddings :/

Hey Vancouver - My sex shop is hiring! Info Here.

Will be in Seattle.

Sorry Amoebic, saw your tweet but Downtown was too out of the way for me.

EDIT: Great, now that you edited your post, this looks incriminating!

Lesson learned: spontaneity doesn't work for everyone. Some people need more time!

S&T Planning for Labour Day Long Weekend (August 30th - Sept 2nd)

Anyone up for food and/or board gaming? I can't do anything on the 31st, but my other days are open!

Edit: Other days are good too. Honestly, this is a post to get the meetup ball rolling.

Delerat wrote:

Will be in Seattle.

Sorry Amoebic, saw your tweet but Downtown was too out of the way for me.

No worries. there was only minor suffering!

Seriously, I begged someone to bring coffee, D here was being nice and saying he wasn't able to, that's all. He's not looking to work in my girly boudoir shop AT ALL.