Prozac 2.0 - Heart Surgery

Prozac wrote:

So, our baby boy is going to need heart surgery.

Best wishes to all of you.

I'm late to this, but congratulations on everything you've made it through so far! Canada is sending you the best maple flavored wishes. I tried for pineapple flavored, but they were all out.

Mount Tibrogargan

We didn't go to the peak, just 300 metres or so to the lookout.

When is the surgery?

Best wishes to you and the family.

demonbox wrote:

When is the surgery?

Within 2 to 3 months. They could do it tomorrow if they needed to, but the goal is to wait and see as long as he's not going backwards healthwise to give him as much time to put on weight and size to better his chances when he does go under the knife.

Congrats Prozac and Mrs. Prozac!

Unfortunately circumstances but good to hear everyone is safe and well!

EDIT: Didn't check to date on the first post, derp...

Hope the surgery on bub goes well, but he's an Aussie so he'll be fine


Good to know that there's enough room to optimize the kid. Tells me that his condition is at least moderately good rather than dire.

Rooting for the little fella, he pulls a nice magnum on that pic.

Feeank wrote:

Rooting for the little fella, he pulls a nice magnum on that pic.

Really? Coulda sworn that that was Blue Steel! Cute kid, Prozac.

He can only turn to the left. (true story)

Prozac, congratulations on your son. I hope that all goes well with the surgery.

Keeping you all in my thoughts! Best of luck and lots of love to you all.

Congrats on 2.0! Good to hear all is well with the family. My boss's infant needed open heart surgery in a situation similar to yours. That was last year. The little dude is strong as a baby ox and his parents have been told there will be no limitations on an active life. Clean bill of health.

You're gonna be a great dad.

Wow, good luck on the surgery. Cute kid! You should be proud.

We will be praying for you guys. Hope the boss stays healthy and recovers well and the you two are given peace throughout the process.

We're rooting for you and your family here Prozac. We wish you all the best.

Good luck to everyone, Prozac, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Thanks guys, your well wishes have earned you all this picture of bath time bliss


Extremely late to the thread, but still wanted to say congratulations on all the mountains climbed by your family so far, and lots of strength and success for the upcoming challenge as well.

Prozac wrote:

Thanks guys, your well wishes have earned you all this picture of bath time bliss


I scrolled down to this picture, and my internet connection crashed. The sheer force of your baby's cuteness knocked me off the Internet.

So we find out Tuesday when he'll be having his operation, in hte meantime, cross posting from other threads, I have to say he's a fighter




Love his version of Crane Style kung fu. And he uses a rapier as well. Clearly, a student of many disciplines. Build strength. Get heart upgrade. Win!

Yeah, he's 10 weeks tomorrow, can't consistently hold his head up properly, but he already wields a blade like a pro. Probably doesn't help that his mother and father met through fencing and his father fenced at a national level back in the day.

Congrats on the little guy! I'm sure he'll be fine, us ANZACs are a tough breed

Prozac wrote:


You may think that pineapple is yours, but soon it will be mine... Have at you!

Do you know why the Baby in Yellow is smiling? It's because he has a secret.


He isn't left-handed either!

Good mojo to you and yours! He'll be buckling swashes in no time.


Got to start him early if he'll ever be able to fight off those spiders on his own.