Post a video, entertain me!

Rob had hair!

Judas Priest - Breaking The Law

And now he doesn't

Judas Priest - Invincible Shield

I had difficulty breathing after that sketch on Saturday.

Reminded me of a Monty Python bit, where it just keeps getting more outrageous. Nice touch having the musical guest join in, too.

Turn on captions. Discovered by my kids cooler than I.

"Please don't."


I don't know why Youtube put someone reacting to the "Mistake Waltz" into my recommendations, but I'm glad it did, because now I know this exists. All "mistakes" are choreographed into this dance routine.

That is very clever, and very difficult.

I would love to see them do this!

The Lord of the Rings By Pixar Studios - Teaser Trailer

Looks like sh*t.

Oh wow, I have not laughed this hard in ages…

I LOVE Tom Lemon on these shows, and that was a great one. He destroyed Taylor, too.

This guy reacts how I felt the first-time trying VR. And pretty much encapsulates the same excitement when playing Half Life: Alyx the first time too.

Teacher PSA - SNL

I find it really annoying that I like his music so much but I find him to be such a repugnant a-hole that I have a hard time listening

Eminem - Houdini [Official Music Video]
*NSFW language.

They still have a lot of energy! Although Lars looks way, way to thin.

Metallica: Master of Puppets (Munich, Germany - May 24, 2024)

He has thin arms but I wouldn't say he's too thin.

This is from a couple years ago, but I can't think of a better song for today:

HAPPY PRIDE queer folk and allies!

BTW, Threads is doing something very awesome for pride... the hashtag "#Happy Pride" is rendered in rainbow colors, and when someone likes a post with that hashtag they get confetti!

Check it out*:

I promise, this is not a pathetic attempt at engagement on a Threads post. Feel free to like any of the other hundreds of posts using that hashtag by searching using this link.

Coming out of my lurker tent to say thanks for that, Ken. Only sorry I let a whole day of Pride get by me before watching that video.

David Attenborough Documentary: Aliens

The sex toy industry is watching closely….

Chairman_Mao wrote:

Throw a coin to your rapper.

Honest Trailers | Civil War

slazev wrote:

An update on this one. Turns out his driver's license wasn't really suspended. Due to a clerical error, the system showed it as suspended.

METALLICA - Live at Metal Hammer Festival [1985]

I'm trying to make my way through this movie. But it's so camp, I can't even... But I love the aesthetic. Maybe I should be high next time.