Post a video, entertain me!

Deep Blue Ink is pretty great, they animate a lot of Drawfee stuff as well.

.. just a quick one..

It Wasn't Supposed to be Thanksgiving Yesterday

One appropriate use of AI:

That video was made private due to YouTube rejecting fair use appeals of DMCA notices against There I Ruined It.

Here are some alternatives:

I can’t stand country music but unironically love that.

Had a coworker that put that stuff on the office youtube station in the morning every so often, and that is 100% what it sounds like until you hear it enough to recognize individual songs and then it's even worse.

Except for Darius Rucker's Wagon Wheel, which is a jam.

I feel like that song is the sort of thing Ken would have playing in his mojo dojo casa house.

Leslie Nielsen in Hogwarts

Honest Trailers | Oppenheimer

Honest Game Trailers | Assassin's Creed Mirage

BadKen wrote:

One appropriate use of AI:

Video is private.

Aw. That was a hilariously great song too. I bet it got DMCA'd because it used an AI-generated voice of a real country singer.

Yep. Sho' nuff:

Farking YouTube.

That stinks. After watching the country music video, I was recommended an AI version of Johnny Cash singing Barbie that was very funny- it was a There I Ruined It video, but someone else had uploaded it because TIRI had to take it down.

The SAT Question Everyone Got Wrong
*just cool.

This is my favorite Veritasuim video.

Some serious witchcraft going on here!

Watching these off road recovery videos remains one of my favorite things on youtube.

I just watch/listened to about half of this FOUR HOUR video on plagiarism. My only regret is that I didn't have a bucket of popcorn to eat while I watched all the drama unfold

The schadenfreude is SO delicious.

Robin Williams Crashes Norman Lear's Interview | Letterman

Honest Trailers | Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So after watching hbomberguy's 4 hour video, I started watching MORE. I'd always gotten a bad vibe off of Tommy Tallarico, going back to when I first saw him on Electric Playground. Looks like my vibe check was right

I’m a big Eric Johnson fan, so it was no surprise to see these songs in my YouTube queue…

Here’s a guy who practiced EJ’s Grammy winning song Cliffs of Dover for FOUR YEARS:

And here’s someone who says they practiced it for a month! Pretty amazing after listening to four years guy.

Meanwhile, 2010 Podunk says “hold my beer,” writing a rather Eric Johnson-esque theme for the GWJCC.

(CW! FLASHING LIGHTS! Do not watch if you have photosensitive seizures):

Billie Eilish - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (from Saturday Night Live, 2023)