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Stanzi Potenza is a national treasure.

deftly wrote:

Now I feel guilty that I'm drinking something other than Lagavulin tonight.

Higgledy wrote:

Quite a bit of nsfw language. Also, it’s blurry but hilarious.

I haven't seen that in about 25 years but I was still lip-syncing to some of those lines!

Apparently Majel Barret used to show this reel at conventions back in the day

Honest Trailers | Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Honest Game Trailers | Armored Core 6

Honest Trailers | Barbie

Honest Game Trailers | Sea of Stars

The Worst Disease in Human History
Spoiler He says it's



Comedian Delivers A Pitch-Perfect Send-Up Of Every Celebrity Fake Apology Video

Loooove this having seen half the movies Kojoma picks...

Rick Astley - Everlong (Foo Fighters Cover)

Honest Trailers | One Piece

I'm appreciative that the title doesnt spoil the punchline

Tom Cardy is an Australian Treasure and needs to be protected at all costs

Love this guys historical videos. Although this one might feel a bit different right after finishing work.


Edit - I leave it in a spoiler tag but this might be more fitting for the discussion and debates video. So I'll move the main thing over there. Check out his other stuff though. Great history videos.

FMV games!

I think, thanks to reaction videos, I might be getting into Tool. I never heard of them before this week.

One of my favorite bands in high school and college. Amazing vocals and great lyrics from Maynard. Weird time signatures and rhythms from the band. There's alao just some random 90s silliness like "Hooker With a Penis" and "Die Eire von Satan." Also check out A Perfect Circle, one of the lead singer's side projects that is also very, very good. It's slightly less angry prog rock and more traditional angry heavy rock.

The other great thing about Tool is because Adam and Maynard met while doing special effects for movies, their videos are also super weird and great.

Fantastic. Thanks for the recommendations.

String Theory Explained in a Minute

String theory is a lie, and Michio Kaku talks about a lot of things for which he has no expertise. I have no idea if he actually knows a lot about string theory, but he talks about a lot of other things outside his field.

p.s. This is the video that introduced me to the wonderful Dr. A. Collier who likes to release long form, somewhat rambly videos about physics (her specialty), science communication (her new hobby), and games (video, board, card, what have you).

p.p.s. Commenters have said @acollierastro has a rather Jenny Nicholson-ish energy, if you're an old school youtuber and that means anything to you.

"String theory lied to us" + Binding of Isaac screenshot = watch

Edit: Yeah, that was the best Isaac stream I've ever watched.