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So, I've got cancer - vlogbrothers

Honest Trailers | Super Mario Bros. Movie

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Honest Trailers | Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

I have not seen Game Night.

Interesting Doom mod.

I only got through to the beginning of the 2nd intermission. Freaky stuff!

The Crabs That Revolutionized Neuroscience

farley3k wrote:

So, I've got cancer - vlogbrothers

My Cancer Press Tier List

Honest Game Trailers | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Honest Trailers | John Wick Chapter 4

Not the Nine O'Clock News - Monty Pythons worshipers


Wicked Game

I seem to have missed part one. Time to track it down!

Relatable. Fortunately, my cat has built up a high tolerance for being fiddled with and generally manhandled.

A deeply cursed Australian improv game. Long, but made me laugh the hardest of maybe anything I've seen this year. Just completely broke me.

Honest Trailers | The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

I used to play on a hockey team called Decepticons. Instead of our own names, the backs of our uniforms had a Decepticon name instead. The team captain had a spreadsheet of all the potential names, cross-referenced with the players who wore it.

Yours Truly:

I never really watched the show, so just chose a name semi-randomly.

Still, at most, the second-best facial hair on a robot.


How The World SOUNDS To Animals

This BLIND Magician FOOLED Penn and Teller Penn and Teller Fool Us Richard Turner

Honest Game Trailers | The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Honest Trailers | Fast X

Honest Game Trailers | Diablo IV

Judas Priest Live - You've Got Another Thing Comin' [1983 Tour]

These are both worth watching for different reasons.

So, About This HAIR....

Understanding Cancer Survival Rates