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Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized" Frontier Records - Official Music Video
Remember them fondly.

Tscott wrote:

ketchup thingy

oh god, the first one is funny, but the second one is causing me physical distress from laughing so hard

Honest Trailers | Bloodsport

*very accurate but I still love it.

Honest Game Trailers | Dead Space (Remake)

This is a lot slower than I remember them being back in the 80s.

Metallica: If Darkness Had a Son (Official Music Video)

Teddy Has An Operation

“Lip syncing? Moi?!”

I saw this video about that one time when Spike TV accidentally, and against every instinct they had, made a wholesome show about how decent a random guy can be.

PS Keep an eye out for pre-SNL Kristin Wiig.

The choo choo at around 2m20s gets me every time.

Holy crap. This one got me.

Is "R" a Vowel? | Otherwords

100 Greatest One-Liners: Before The Kill

How I see the US after living in Europe for 5 years

A man who teaches mindfulness gets angry. Then it's broadcast to the world. | A Mind Full

Honest Trailers | The Oscars 2023 (The Best Picture Nominees)

Honest Game Trailers | Metroid Prime (2023 Remaster)

Happy International Women's Day!

Deadpool has a literal International Women's Day scene and they didn't use it! THEY DIDN'T USE IT!


Yeah I know it's not technically MCU

RE: Kevin Conroy reading the final scene for The Dark Knight

Even better when it's animated and set to the soundtrack.

Oscars Red Carpet Cold Open - SNL

A magical Flint Michigan

Here's Why We Don't Use Single-Core Processors Anymore

Honest Game Trailers | Atomic Heart