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The CEO skits are great

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zefrank1 - When The World Becomes Small

Craig Ferguson was my favorite late-night host. I remember watching the "evolution" of Geoff Peterson over time. Josh Robert Thompson, who did his voice, posted a video 11 years ago of making Ferguson cry with laughter. For some reason YouTube's algorithm has decided now is the time for it to go viral.

JRT posted a stream a couple of weeks ago talking about it, and his career path. He basically took a couple of risks, and they paid off. He started off on the show performing in a few skits, then did some prerecorded lines for Geoff, and then did him live once a week. Making Ferguson laugh that hard sealed the deal for a full-time job as Geoff.

He regularly does voices on a number of animated shows now.

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deftly wrote:

Craig Ferguson was my favorite late-night host.

I had to make sure he's still alive. He is

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Maybe NSFW due to language

NSFW for language

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That thing has a really interesting tuning. The tines that are next to each other are major or minor thirds apart, instead of semitones like a piano, so you can play chords by "strumming" 3 in a row. Super cool.

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Damm, they are so young! Or I am so old....

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Love Al

NSFW. This is a family show, right?


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