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(NSFW) Aubrey Plaza + Twitter... it just gets weird.

Matt Stone, Primus, and Rush playing "Closer to the Heart" at the South Park 25th anniversary concert.

It's a joy to see Les Claypool's appreciation of Geddy Lee.

It makes me so happy to see Geddy & Alex playing on stage together again. A little sad, too, but mostly happy.

Hearing Les sing backup for Geddy was pretty funny, too.

Maynard G Krebs is making videos now?


Why 7 is Weird - Numberphile

Always love Numberphile, especially the Grimes videos.

I am still 8 years old deep inside:

Gods damn it Microsoft, why don’t you fork Android and make a non-Google smart phone already? You can do cool stuff like this.

Essentially the story of how Synaptics came to own the touchpad market despite the efforts of Logitech and others. The founder has been involved in some interesting things over the years. I’m curious to learn more about Synaptics involvement with the touchscreen.

Before Madonna became, well Madonna she was in a band called "The Breakfast Club". I gotta say, I'm kinda digging it!

Crossposting from the D&D CATCH-ALL because Baron is dumb thread:

Last week I learned that the Spanish and French versions of the D&D cartoon had their own theme songs... and they SLAP:

Why Is Everything So Weird?

This was nice. Taylor Hawkins' 16 year old son playing drums with the Foo Fighters on "My Hero" in his father's tribute concert:

(I will say all the facial expression and hair flying around gave me some Animal vibes,)

That's f*cking beautiful.

zeroKFE wrote:

That's f*cking beautiful.

The ending where Dave just locks eyes with him as he plays them out got me.

Honest Trailers | Nope

60 Miami Vice guest stars in 2 minutes:

Should Your Boyfriend Play Persona 5?

Honest Trailers | Elvis

Star Wars Imperial HR.

EDIT: Found a video compiling the first handful of episodes.